Full Moon Yoga

Just went I was feeling a bit relaxed, the house next door is acting Bob The Builder. Nice. Anyhow, I always have friends asking me about good yoga classes online,

Amazing day.

I am not going to lie, but the days lately have been beautiful. At least the weather is good here in London and we can be in the garden not


Hiii, I have not been so keen on writing anything lately, meanwhile quarantine life is changing and some many new chapters are beginning in our lives. Quite scary but changes.


April, hold a space of patience for me. give me the power to bloom no matter where i am planted. give me the awareness to keep intuition close when my

Read A Book

Work is dead, I get some few tasks every now and then but it is pretty dead. Our building is slowly shutting down and a few floors apparently been cleared


Easy to become lazy during these days, but I have managed to be active and work out every time my moods go up. I took a walk to the store,

Time for Quarantonic

It almost feel like I could just go and have a drink. I rarely drink and these days isn’t abnormal but they are boring. The fact that we are being


Staying indoors can make people go crazy, I have done everything I like to do and even the things I don’t like to do. I have so much energy and