Why Afrolatina-list?

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What are the chances that I found this blog-name and I’m completely in love with my name. I must say though, my friend Carolina her Playahead name was Afrolatina and mine was Latinabejb. Yapp. What type of names did you have back in the days for different chat forums? I think I even had: MAR1A but people pronounced it Marietta, which was completely wrong. Another question, who remembers those times? Before Facebook, us people in Sweden had: Funplanet, Lunarstorm, and Playahead. Remind me if I have forgot one. I started with computers very early, like stupid early.

When I moved to Sweden by the age of 10 soon to be 11, my IT nerd step dad had a computer already and he taught me a lot about computers. I used to play so many computer games, and also had this chat forum called Mirq or something. It sounds weird to say this but coming from Ecuador, a tiny country where the culture is completely different. I never had McDonalds or went to the cinema in Ecuador. I think I went to the cinema the first time when I was 11 in Sweden. McDonalds for example was disguting I thought, it took me time to like it and I actually do not know why I tried so hard?

So, back to the name Afrolatina, I just love it. And I love the whole things AFROLATINALIST. It says it all, writing from a Afro latina’s perspective. What will this page be about? This must be one of the thousands page I have ever created. Yes, a Libra that cannot make up her mind. Many ideas, that I should start selling LOL.

It will be about my life, my writing, my interest (everything that I like), personal development, and maybe just more like a community for my readers to relate to. I wont be strict with what I write but I wont be too liberal either, there are some things that will take time to open up to. Truth is though, I want to be as truthful as possible with the right content. I will also appreciate if you readers could send me request of what you want to read about etc.

Oh wait, I will write A LOT about astrology. I feel finally comfortable to share my thoughts, my knowledge and my views about it all. Female health will be a very HOT topic here, and maybe some of you know that I’m a quite strong fair feminist. I never knew how much I felt in regards to my feminine side and the love I have, so yes it will be another HOT topic I will come back to all the time. It is one of the best topics I will be writing about. Please comment anything you want me to talk about?

Ps. I’m not any expert of anything or professional, I will just share my own thoughts, my own experience and I will only talk about things I know from experience. Deal?

I cant stop typing because I’m so excited to create this platform for any type of female, who wants to relate, find inspiration and maybe realize that we all go through the same things in different time schedules in life.


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