Tuesday List (when the week actually starts)

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The mantra of the week  – ”In this moment I treat myself with love and kindness”. It is very important to remember to be kind to yourself. For example, I’m going to treat my body today with a Yoga session at Another Space.

This week’s affirmation – ”Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be.”. I have been way to nice letting other people made me feel bad. It is time to go back to my old self, a careless about what people think of me and just focus on the positive.

The goal of the week –  To braid my hair this Saturday is the big goal. I also want to exercise at least 3 times this week.

Dream of the week – To work with people who have health conditions, help them to gain confidence in their food routine and active routine. I know how lost I have been and all the different trends about foods have not helped. I see myself working as a coach, when I don’t know but I hope soon.

This week’s vision – I cannot wait until I live in my own bought house. I have already been looking around on how I want my house to look like, the kitchen which is THE NUMBER ONE room and I have something for nice outdoor place in the house. It needs to be cozy and big. Oh, and the bathroom.

2018-08-19 17:54:37.733

The focus of the week – Get back to the gym properly, and focus more on my food routine. Focusing on creating more me time.

The event of the week – The carnival weekend, I guess is the event of the week. Also I think I’m gonna try to do something nice tomorrow Wednesday. Suppose to be decent hot.

The lesson from last week  – Take care of yourself. Nobody does it better and more genuine. We seek compassion from others and forget to give ourselves peace of mind first.

This week’s everyday-luxury –  I don’t have everyday luxury, but on Friday and Saturday I will reward myself. I will show you then what I have done.

The inspiration of the week –  I went to a book store in Brick Lane and got all inspired to read all the books I can think about. Above you can see which ones I really want to read. To stimulate the brain is something I think is important. Any type of stimulation really.

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