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I woke up feeling a little odd but I will get through the day and have a Good Friday. I should maybe look at the bigger and positive picture of life. Yesterday I went to Triyoga in Shoreditch and attended the Hot Yoga session. Oh lord, I haven’t sweated that much ever. I do sweat a lot when I exercise, I didn’t used to sweat much before but since I have been very active and training a lot.

I have never been to a yoga session by myself, this year has been the first time that I actually take myself to my yoga session and do not feel awkward way. I’m not an expert and I stand sometimes and looking at the other because I can’t hear properly and I always end up in the front of the class or at the back where I can’t see anything properly.

So, the Hot Yoga was one of the best I have tried and I’m going back next week TWICE. I knew yoga was more for me, but gym has always been fun when the motivation has been there. It is good to introduce different exercises/sports to your

There are a few things I don’t like to do on my own, and I always want people to come with me. Reality is though, that sometimes in life you need to learn to be by yourself. I did that before but since I got a boyfriend I have got comfortable having someone there. This year I try to get out of that, be more independent, and create more me time regardless being busy or how the situation looks like. Creating or making time for yourself, your needs is so important.



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