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Happy hump-day.

I feel like myself again, haven’t felt that much recently. I’m getting back on my horse again and hopefully life will feel more balanced.

Has it been a rough year so far? I think so, but a good one at the same time. Well, I cannot wait to change life to a better one. To change my approach to life in general. How to deal with situations better, how to care about myself more, and how to choose positivity instead of questioning myself all the time.

This autumn, I’m ready to become a better person, to create a better life for myself, to create more good memories and stop wasting time worrying about how others expect me to be. Drop the massive expectations of being in certain way and maybe just be and have faith that life will always smile at you. I can only do my part in life, and that is so much I can control. Myself!

I have a couple of things I want to change, do more, and stop doing. Let see what we can change…

Things I want to do more of:


Yoga/Meditation – Since I started with yoga last week, I’m craving it. It has made me feel so much better, so much more awake and in tuned with my true self. I want to continue to do yoga and create a better training atmosphere for myself.

100 % plant based – I have without thinking being vegan and not even care about having animals, for the last couple of weeks. But I’m going to stick to this more and now that I have a food processor. Life becomes easier I guess?
Plantbased pesto with gluten free pasta.

Do more social things
– I’m a lazy cow and I’m going to change that completely. I need to do more fun stuff with friends, book myself for the cinema, go for more events and just do more things. I don’t want my home locations to restrict my social life.
Read more books – I have start reading more now and also listening to podcast. I just have felt that social media has taking over my time massively. I don’t even look into it, it is just lots of moaning from me every time. I find Instagram very intense, fake and TOO much of nothing.

2018-08-24 10:46:51.062

Things I want to change:

How I priorities my life – the way I give my time to people and to unnecessary thoughts can be unreal. I’m being honest and this is something that has to stop. I need to put my mind and focus into the good things that I have, the good projects I’m dealing with and all of that. Prioritize RIGHT!

My wardrobe – I want to do a BIG cleanse and just create a more minimalist style. I love the whole extra sometimes but I want more quality in my wardrobe. I need to change it and throw away some stuff I will never wear again.

Things I want to stop doing:

Justify myself – Not everyone cares about you justifying yourself. Once they have a thought about you, forget about trying to change that. Sometimes it is easier to just let go, learn when to let go of the need of having control. My advice to myself.

Losing the power of myself – I need to stop beating myself down and be more gentle. Stop letting go of myself just because maybe other question the person I’m. I know I’m a good woman, and I have heart for many and understanding for us human being. I know who I’m and I shouldn’t let any other person tell me who I should be and that my way of being is wrong. We are all different and we cannot always please people. Not everyone. Just do as good as you can do.

I got inspired to write something like this via another females blog, it is nice to put down some good points and achievements for the autumn or in general.

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