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Planning a trip for your 30th birthday is very very hard. Boyfriend wants to surprise me but he knows how I’m and not so good with surprises. Can I just let go of the control soon? Fussy is the name!

Anyhow, I was thinking of Morocco for 5 days and just relax there at the same time I’m not keen on Morocco as much as I thought. I have chosen Andalucia (still deciding) which is a close to Morocco and possible still warm by the time my birthday is coming.

I haven’t planned which province to visit yet, I’m thinking Seville or Malaga. I just want to enjoy some sun, nice food, some hispano-moorish architecture. Flamengo is a great dance that I would love to experience and watch them all dancing.

I can’t wait. I have said that I just want to be happy for my 30th, and have good people around me and good health. Walk my life journey happy and content, motivated by life and the people around me. I want to feel healthy and strong. So, all of that fancy party isn’t that important any more. Or has it ever been?

Anyway, uploaded some pictures from the internet so you can see what I’m about to enrich my soul with. Nature and freedom.

The older I get, the more I ask for stillness and for myself to be more mindful and live in the present. I guess the priorities and what we like changes with time.


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