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What a short work week I’m having. I took off Tuesday after the bank holiday, it kind of makes sense having the next day off. The small privileges we allow us to have.
Oh well, yesterday after work I went to Hybrid Fitness for a HotYoga class with a lovely lady called Tameka. It was good and I really do enjoy doing Yoga, and I’m obsessed with HotYoga.

Maybe this is true, maybe I’m trying to look for happiness for my body. I mean get it more flexible. 

Can you practice too much yoga? And how much is too much?

I have been practicing yoga now for a whole week, hot yoga and normal yoga. I absolutely love it and cannot wait for the next class. Although, I don’t want to overdo it and get tired of it. At the same time it is like my body craves yoga, and wants it every day. Has someone experienced similar? Due to me sitting in front of a desk every day, my back is really sore especially by the trapezius muscle group. The whole area is just tight and painful, like I need constant stretching every night before I go to sleep. I even have a note next to my desk, where it says how to stretch whilst sitting at the desk.

Another thing that I really want to stop with is, holding my phone. I have a phone neck, an iPhone neck. Horrible, and can we believe that we humans have created this to ourselves? Anyway, yesterday after my yoga I jumped on the train and went straight to our friends dad’s birthday. Stay there for a bit and enjoyed some laughing and have a nice social evening with friends. Just another Tuesday!

What type of training will I go for today? I was thinking of trying a proper class of Calisthenics instead of yoga today, but I’m pretty sure I might for go for Pilates or a normal yoga. Can I just try to change and get out of my comfort zone? Well the comfort I have created quite quickly.


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