Friday | weekend plans.

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Hi guys!

I just want to say Hi and wish you a very balanced and calm and happy Friday. Maybe this week hasn’t started as we all wished? I know for sure that the cold is one factor that explains why we feel low key (at least some people I have been talking to). The drastic change in the weather can be confusing for many of us. Also jumping onto the “real” life now when the autumn is on its way, we all feel a little bit distracted by our thoughts.

I have been there many times, and I have learned lately to deal with it a little bit better. I have asked myself what I can do different to prevent certain situations and thoughts from happening/coming. I rarely nowadays ask what others can do for me (in order to make my life easier and stuff like that), I ask myself what I can do because I believe that starting with ourselves is the major key.

Anyhow, I have one of the most important thing to share and advice us with.
Stop trying to control things you cannot do anything about, there is no point stressing and sweating the happenings from last week i.e. Would you be able to undo it? No, then move on and remember that we can only accept what has been and remind us to make things better for the next time. There are times when we do things we have never experienced before and the way we do things, that is the way we think is the right way. We learn about new things, we get wise about that but the next day we are amateurs of new experiences. We learn every day, and the journey never stops. But continuing to beating ourselves down with the past or what might happen. We are killing our own happiness and the ability to expand.

2018-08-31 10:41:26.460
Book reading on my coffee break. 
Anyhow, what are your plans for the weekend?

Friday: Work, and I think I’m going to the cinema today. I’m gonna see Spike Lee’s new movie: BlackKklansman. Friday means relax but do something nice.
Saturday: I’m going for a CrayFish Party with some friends. Day party works better for me.
Sunday: I really want to wake up early and do some morning yoga in the city. Maybe something like that. Other than that, birthday celebration.

I kinda need to have a quiet weekend, I wanna do so much. Seems a little bit impossible at the moment.

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