WEDNESDAY | Salty Yoga

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Happy hump-day! 

Oh gosh, my body today is in pain. I haven’t trained this “hard” for a couple of weeks, and I went for boxing. It was very good but I can feel it massively today.
Regardless, I’m going for another class but maybe one that is easier and relaxing?

So what is new in life? What is going on with my own life? Well, I’m trying to get my self balanced and back on track. Food and fitness back on track, I would like to say. I also don’t like to rush things, I have seen everyone posting about fitness and how good they feel. I haven’t really forced myself but I have taken inspiration from their motivation (oh lalala rhymes) and what they post on instagram. To be completely honest, I don’t train like the people on my instagram. I have a different approach and different body, like everybody else?

Anyhow, I have been saying that I’m gonna be better with my routines but honestly I cannot be asked to think of the millions things I have to complete and do. Recently I have focus a lot on my relationship and myself, and creating a better atmosphere around me. Sometimes, we have to take one thing at the time and not rush. Not sleep, but not rush.

This picture I took yesterday after my boxing class. It was a lot of abs yesterday and for some reason I get in shape quicker than before. It is not something that I LOOOVE to be slim, I actually want my boobs back but I have enjoyed it and now it is time to get back my body in a better stage.


Tonight I wasn’t going to push my body more but I found this Salty Yoga class for tonight and I’m going.

“Salty Yoga Achieve a heightened breathing potential to improve your body’s resilience and vigor. Salty Yoga combines halo-therapy salt room breathing with positions that boost respiratory system awareness and depth. It will help you discover a more relaxed and responsive state through controlled breathing techniques in the presence of Himalayan salt vapors and its many health benefits.

Salt is a mineral rich in anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammation properties. Since ancient times, salt therapy has been widely-recognized as a means of strengthening the immune system and improving overall health. Although salt baths are more generally known and accepted, salt breathing—or halo-therapy—finds its roots right alongside other forms of ancient salt therapy methods. Salt gives off negative ions, which, when breathed deeply, may help our bodies balance the storm of positive ions we absorb from phones, computers and TVs as well as much of the electrical technology we are exposed to on a daily basis. It could help promote a greater equilibrium in our bodies, as well as keep us stronger, healthier and more resilient to the outside world.”

Reading that, I was sold!
I will try to take pictures and show you how it looks like, meanwhile you can also get a classpass for a month and try all the nice classes. If you want to, here!


















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