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Hi lovelies,
Again, need to mention this but I’m forever grateful for you checking in here. All of you. I love to share realness with people around the world. Thank you!

And today I will share some good tips I have in order to relieve or maybe heal your PMS. I have mentioned it a lot on my insta stories about how much I suffer with PMS. It is chaos, I promise you.

I get really short with my patience and very sensitive. To be completely honest, it is just a nightmare. It has taken control over my behaviour and how I respond to people or just to my own boyfriend.
There have been times when I have reacted wrong or very sensitive and the next hour, I’m just like what on earth is this? Why can’t I just control my feelings? It is really hard and you know what? I used to cuss people who blamed their PMS, now I get you sisters. I’m sorry for not believing you.

So, I have working consciously with my reproductive system a little bit more. I went on the copper coil after being natural for so long. It is not the most pleasant thing to have inside of you, it hurts and my periods are very horrible and long. Bear in mind that I don’t have kids and my womb is not use to have anything permanently inside. A lot of people have told me the negative side of it, and even before I went for it. I did go for it because it is free from hormones but boy, it is painful like I said and sometimes I cannot even walk because it hurts. Well, the choices you make and you thought it was going to be easier. NOPE!


What have I done in order to control my PMS (I have tried this therefore I can tell you)?
Firstly, I have done a lot of yoga and that has helped me A LOT! I mean it, I’m more balanced this month than the other ones. I want to stay balanced and create a better environment for myself and the people around me during these times. I know, I sound like a completely nightmare and horrible bitch. Yes, indeed I’m when I don’t control my emotions.
I have also worked hard to control myself, be more aware of what is going on and what I feel. Why I feel this way? Why do I take this personal? Would I care otherwise?
I ask myself questions and I answer them back to myself, you know then they say… You have the answers? Yes, you do have the answer.  Cliché but true.

Another thing that has helped me a lot is breathing, the art of breathing is REAL and powerful. I used to practice breathing back in the days, I used to walk to work for 40 minutes each way and during these 40 minutes I practiced breathing. It was hard at first, but the challenge is to breathe and focus while everything else around you is chaos, noisy or just not calm. I used to do it all the time and I have gone back to it now. Massive help in order to stay calm, reflect and then act.

I have combined yoga and breathing, practice all the yoga posture I have learned at home. I have done it every single day at home and it does help. I promise you, the key to life is breathing. I suffer from horrible muscle aches on my back, my muscles are too tight and yes yoga has helped but something that I learned is: focusing on breathing on a specific area where you have pain, breathe into for example your lower back. At least 10 deep breaths until you feel a release. It is about creating or allowing oxygen to flow inside of you. Plenty of times, the reason why you have pain in certain areas is due to lack of oxygen in your muscles etc. It is very complex and I know very little and basic knowledge. I was introduce to this via a friend who is yoga teacher and a massage therapist. I think it helps and I’m also a firm believer that I can heal myself and others. OKey, yes sounds odd but you can actually learn how to heal others. I need more practice though, and one of those school where they teach you how. On my list…

Anyhow, my tips for a mindful and balance self. 

– After dinner or maybe 2-3 hours before bed, drink filtered water (Not too much but enough to keep you hydrated during your stretching and meditation).
– Take 10 or 15 minutes before you go to bed.
– Gently stretch your back, arms, hamstrings, inner thighs and neck (search for exercises).
– Play some calm music, preferably just the melody.
– Sit in a comfortable position with your palms facing the ceiling.
– Take ten deep breathes and feel it and analyse how the air goes into your nose and out of your nose.
– Take another ten deep breathes but this time you exhale through your mouth, and let it out.
– Repeat this for 10-15 minutes every day and you will see how much it helps.
– Imagine that you are in a comfortable and pleasant place with lots of fresh air.
– Do some affirmations if the minds allow it or just concentrate on the breathing.

Ps. Gentle breathing, and do not rush them. You are not in a hurry!

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