KXU Hot Yoga Again

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As soon as your thirties are on the way, time seems to fly away quicker than ever. It is already Wednesday and we only have two more days to work. Yaaay.

Yesterday I went for another yoga in Chelsea, I missed my previous class due to delays on the Metropolitan line. I really wanted to exercise and my body always wants to do yoga, so I did.
I booked another class (worth £25), it was Hot Yoga at KXU. I have for some reason a huge credit and I taking the advantage to use all the luxury gyms I can for the time being.

This gym was on another level, you turn into a small cosy street in Sloane Square. You kind of need to guess where the place is, but once you find it you will walk down some steps and see all these plants on top of each other, and some small fancy shops, a few tables where people sitting and having a sip of coffee. Just very cosy and posh!

The gym was also on another level, way fancier than the other ones I have visited. Cosy lights, nice reception where you can have a smoothie or just wait for your class? Young people working there, and everyone seem quite helpful and nice.

The ladies changing room was more like a home, pretty and the showers yes very nice. I have something for nice bathrooms and the interior is essential. Especially when I’m trying to get inspiration for my future home.
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Oh gosh, maybe I should tell you about the class instead of the gym itself. The class was very challenging, and hot. I went for a hot yoga class thinking it was only 60 minutes but it was obviously longer. I will definitely go back to him again, the teachers name was Chris and I did like his way of teaching and pushing everyone.
The good thing about this class afterwards is that I can now be in a hot yoga class for more than 60 minutes and if I am flexible? I’m so proud of myself, I was keeping up with the senior people and I have become much stronger in yoga poses I found very hard before. Oh well, see so much good from Yoga!

2018-09-11 20:08:12.566

If you also want to visit a luxury gym, sign up with ClassPass.

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