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What a day, what a day!
I’m not in the best mood today and honestly I feel like screaming to every person that has been an asshole to me. I know that isn’t the answer to all my problems but you know when you just feel angry!

I did not get the best sleep at all, my eyes stings, not even coffee has helped and I feel more restless than ever. Like I just don’t want to be a work because I feel too angry. I’m annoyed and disappointed as well. Anyhow, luckily I have managed to cool down a bit after writing on my journal and just let it go. I cuss people or things or situations on my journal, it has no filter at all. I cuss myself plenty of times as well, I make sure I ask questions to myself and also try to keep it positive.

I have so many thoughts in my head and so many things I want to stop doing, such as drinking coffee. Coffee is not good for me or for anyone when being greedy. I can drink up to 2 cups or large cups of coffee and continue. Without coffee I don’t function or I do, but it gets a little bit harder to deal with people at work.

Apart from not having a good day or be the way I wish I could tackle this Thursday. I had a good class yesterday at 1Rebel in St Mary Axe. It was focus on the lower body and abs. They had created two different “stations”, once where you shape your body and the other was to run. I have not done cardio in a very long time, so it did feel good and I managed to sweat a lot. Came out of the gym all relaxed and I got a nice glow after sweating. Is it only me that feel the detox?



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