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Have you ever wondered where your feminine side has gone? Or have you maybe tried to let go of your feminine side because being more like a man is more acceptable, less painful and affordable in life?

I can honestly say that, I’m guilty for trying to collect with me the qualities of how it is to be a man, or man-like. Coming from a history where I was vulnerable and I thought: I need to change my approach. Become more strict, become more this, just to mimic the man. Truth is that, be a woman but that doesn’t mean that you need to stand your ground in the most aggressive and strict way. I approached life differently before my current relationship, I was just calm and didn’t have to stand my grounds as hard. You think that you need to put boundaries in order to be respected in a relationship. Yes, of course but the way of dealing with it is not to become like a man. What is being a man really?

Getting in a relationship and have to change because of the past decision you have made, it does changes you. I can say that it works to be a little bit less sensitive but it doesn’t work the long run. The same with, being a soft yes-man that allows the wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend to do whatever. It works, because he/she likes the flexibility you have. Although, it doesn’t work in the long run because you have allowed too much and now he/she does whatever it comes to his/her mind. The actions of the other partner becomes acceptable because you once or twice or a few times allowed a certain behavior just to make it easy for yourself. See where I try to get? Everything needs to happen with balance.

In my case, I’m not a yes-man at all. I’m the opposite, I’m very hard to impress, and I don’t find everything funny. Yes, I’m one of those awkward people sometimes. I seem to have a very hard side, on the surface but I’m the biggest softis you will ever know.
I have lost the touch a little bit of my feminine side and I want that back. Be an independent woman that still can reach out and ask for a helping hand. I do it myself can sometimes cost you, people treat you maybe with less sensitivity and you expect so much hardness from yourself.

Every relationship with another person, friend or partner has to be balanced. I’m telling this to myself, and I hope others can think about this as well if you are in need. I have struggled because I have seen myself as ONE only, and I always believed that I can do it on my own. Bravo and great, but asking for support and asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of unity I would like to say. Helping each other, show your vulnerability without being ridicule, show the soft side of yours without losing yourself, show that you care without feeling used. To know your priorities should be a way of creating balance, we all think differently but we should not loose ourselves in order to entertain or please others or please the way society think females should behave.

I’m very open this year with my own journey, my personal journey with myself and how I have dealt and deal with life, how I want to be and what I try to do in order to changer for the better.
This is one of my feminine side that I have taken back, tell my story without being a victim. Meet people with the same journey as me, interact and inspire each other with a sensitive approach. The understanding I have to my fellow human beings has not faded away, I still have it. I just need to utilize it with respect, respect towards myself and my feminine self.

I’m a feminist in many ways, but I still think that being a feminine is not about losing the touch of being a female. It is about standing your ground for unfairness, standing your grounds to create a better atmosphere in this world. We don’t have to behave like men in order to hit back, we don’t have to copy what the man does just to create justice. It is about accepting what it is, but you don’t have to deal with it all the times. Know when to let go, know when it is enough and know when to say no.

To have boundaries doesn’t mean to behave harder, aggressively or overly rational at all times. I want to create a balance life with my feminine side without coming across as an angry female.

Although, it is not really that we have forgotten to be females, or to be vulnerable. I think this world today, and how it has been has created so much unfair towards females, that what it is in the air is FRUSTRATION. Be heard, be respected, taken seriously, we matter as well, we have feelings, our jobs are important too, our individual life is important as well.

I know that we females can do anything, and more. I know that we are capable of anything, I know that we are wiser than we think we are. I know that we are needed massively for this world to function. We are here for a reason and we need to understand that underestimating ourselves or others is not the answer. To continue to view the woman as a less important or serious human being is not the solution to peace.

We don’t want to take your place men, we don’t want to do all the things you do, and we don’t want to come across as hard and manly as you think. We just want the world to see us for what we are, Goddess of this universe and without us there is no life.

Never apologize for being a woman.

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