Wednesday | Happy hump-day!

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Wednesday and I cannot wait like every single week for Fridaaaaaay.

What have you been up to guys? I have been taking it quite easy as I have my lady visiting for a long week and felt a little bit sick for only one day? So today I decided to get myself to the gym during lunch and get a weight session in. I miss my weights, my body is craving weights, and my holiday coming soon is saying: GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM!

Something that I don’t want to feel, is saggy and old for my 30s. Nothing wrong with any looks but I just want to feel the best of the best of myself. Regardless how my body will and looks like, I love my body and should appreciate it more and more.

Today I went to the gym as mention for only 30 minutes.
What I did:
5×3 lunges with smith machine 30kg
5×3 squats with smith machine 30kg
10×3 hip thrust with barbell 25kg

I did some cardio before but the shortest ever. I hate cardio.

After all of that, I did some bench dips, biceps and triceps exercises. Quick tings you know. As I only had 30 minutes to be in and out of the gym.


Anyhow, if I feel more energetic by the time I finish work I think I will go for a rooftop yoga today BUT looking at the weather…I’m not sure.


How does your Wednesday looks like?

Oh shoooot, I actually forgot that I’m going for a tasting today. This is why I hate planning in advance, I forget things. I don’t have in my routine to do things after work (unless is gym or yoga or go home), I’m so needy after evening walks after I have had my dinner and shower (I do them on my own or with Craig). I need them so badly. Do you have a physical less hard activity you have to do every day? Comment and share with me.

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