What makes you happy? | 20.09.18

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I will share what makes me happy every morning, or put a smile on my face.
Every morning that I jump off the tube to get to work, I see this homeless man with his dog a German shepherd. This dog reminds me of my dog we had, he was also a German shepherd.
I smile every time I pass them two, I look at the dog and he gives me such a happiness inside. I remember our dog and how happy and annoying and cosy he was. He was this big massive dog but with a heart of gold. He never went aggressive on any human beings and he loved kids. He was always happy around them, the older he got he got a little bit slower and cosier. Ahh I miss him man, Nicke was his name. He came to be a family member, that type of fussy family member that only eats good foods, preferably cooked meal so he can digest it easier lol. Yeah our dog was one of the kind. He loved to be around us, a little bit too much but he always followed my mum or me into the bathroom and just sat there meanwhile I was showering or doing my make up or doing something else. The clever thing he used to do was to look away if we just had a shower and were naked. This dog had some manners you know. He was like a person, he knew when to go out and when I said: listen you need to shit now because it is -15 and my bones are killing me. Yalla yalla…
Let me tell you that he listen to it and he knew what it meant, it meant: if I don’t shit now she is going up any second and I will be moaning again. So let me just start… hahaha


I have more things that makes me happy in the morning, one of them is the cuddling minutes before jumping off the bed and get to work. Craig loves to cuddle, and he wraps me with his legs around me hahaha. I’m not a massive cuddling person while I’m sleeping, but I do love the morning ones.
I do take time to say good bye as I leave earlier than him, I say good bye and how much I love him and how much I’m gonna miss him. I make sure I kiss him properly.
I used to just say good bye and kiss him quickly, now I go up earlier to have time to get prepared properly and also put an effort to give him and me a good start. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the people around us, and we have to remind them how much we appreciate them.

2018-09-01 15:16:57.856

Anyhow, what makes you happy today?

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