How spiritual healthy are you?

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I often ask myself that question, especially after I have had my darkest moments. I seem to get stuck in my dark moments very often but for short time. I have become aware of the thoughts and how things affect me. And what affects me negatively, as I’m a person that is so sensitive to others energy. I need to work on that harder, not take others energy in.

Anyway, I have been looking into spiritual health lately and found myself being a little bit lost. You know when you think you are spiritual, yes we all can be and some of us more than others. But spiritual healthy? What is it?

You are spiritual healthy if…

You have a clear sense of purpose.
You can appreciate other’s perspective, even if they might be very different from your own: you don’t judge others.
You think positively even if the face of a challenge.
Fear doesn’t hold you back.
You can appreciate the mysteries of life.
You know you can’t always be in control.
You release “victim thinking” and are responsible for your choices and your life.
You are open and sincerely want to learn.
You often ask the deeper questions and ponder what really matters in life.

Looking into all these points, I was like? Hmm, I’m not as healthy as I would like to think about myself. Fear does hold me back a little bit, no all the way but it does. I resist more than I go for it. My bravest move was England, not knowing anyone and not knowing what London had to offer and the reality of it. I have become more secure and go for things I want more, I work on the side and try to do as best I can.
Another thing that stop me while I was writing these nine points was, I hold a victim thinking. I’m not blaming myself or see myself as bad because I think that way about me sometimes. It is so easy to do though, I’m literally alone in this country none of the people I know or hold close is my family. I love everyone. I love their love towards me and I appreciate everyone. Usually when I’m upset and think oh ffs, could do with having my mum here. Although, many of those times I search comfort within myself and I know that I’ve chosen this path, I have chosen this life. I need to take responsibility. It isn’t always easy of course but I’m getting there. I’m getting there by letting go of the ego.

A good exercise I will have to do is an honest self-assessment.
Maybe ask myself how I’m doing, what my goals are, what makes me happy, what are my priorities and why, what brings sense of meaning to my life, what made me think this way etc.

We are pro’s when it comes to check on others, how others do, what they have and don’t have. Instead of checking in ourselves, what we want and how we come across in life. We forget about ourselves so much whilst we pointing fingers to others.

I’m thinking of going to a spiritual counselor, I think that could help me to see the blind spots in myself and hopefully provide with some sort of insight and support. I’m not saying that I’m a poor case but we all need some guidance.
Becoming spiritual healthy helps to smoother life a little bit, relationships go better and you treat people with more kindness. You are more flexible and therefore you can create a better life. It is also important to surround ourselves with people who are also interested in spirituality or have common values, it deepens our spirituality more.

We need the bad times, because when we walking through a rough path we look into ourselves and look for hope, faith, motivation, strength, luck, happiness, we want anything in order to heal ourselves and fix what we going through. Challenging situations often help us to become better people and connect with our souls more.

Are you spiritual healthy?  

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