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Libra Season has started!

I will make sure I work positively with my start sign, stop refusing to see things and accept more. I have grown a bit this year, or at least how I want to see myself. I give myself credit of course, I have really done a hard work in order to change, become a better person, love myself more, be more flexible in life, and accept more, so yes it is going forward as I have always known it will.

I have had a very calm but spiritual weekend. On Friday I was at my friend’s house, ate some vegan food and some OLD bloody crisps. We don’t have sweets and stuff at home, so every time I visit other people I often ask: do you have anything that isn’t food but taste like sin? Hahaha well my friend had some old crisps and I forgot to check the date. Gosh, I almost throw up my entire life. They tasted like old socks (I have not tasted old socks).

Anyhow, we talked about everything that means life. And we touched the subject depressed. I said: I don’t think we are depressed, I think we get to a point of realization and see that things aren’t the way they were, people might have changed. Life tells you that it is time to make a change, and there is where you get stuck analysing HOW and WHEN to make a move. It is not about being depressed, I don’t really believe in that so much. I don’t want to see us human being as depressed when we have so much to be thankful for. I rather choose to see that as a new way of seeing things, a call for change, time to grow up etc. and all of that is disturbing regardless but harder to deal with something you haven’t recognized before.

Enough about life stories (they are so good to talk about though, just dig deeper in those questions we have and find the answers), what else did I do this weekend? I teamed up with some friends and Craig and watch the boxing. AJ, AJ, I’m sorry but I did not like that fight. Poor performance. Sunday, we just chilled at home made some food and I made some bread. Plantain bred, it is delicious and all healthy.

Later in the evening I met my dear friend and went to see these two girls called Oshun. Loved it. So spiritual, so free and so fucking GOOD!

2018-09-23 22:18:42.563

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