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Helloo my readers,

I’m forever thankful for you checking in, I have been on holiday for a whole entire week. I turned 30 years old on the 2nd of October, started my holiday on the 1st and went on my trip on the 3rd.

So, how did I celebrate my 30th?
Well, I pampered myself massively. I booked an appointment in a nail salon where I live, did a pedicure and shellac manicure. Felt pretty. Before that, I managed to braid my hair. Packed, cleaned and left everything for this week ready. Food shopping and yeah everything. I like to have things in order, I like to come back to peace and comfortableness.
By midday I met up with my amazing friend Anya for a cheeky birthday celebration. We went to SkyGarden to see the view and have some champagne. So grown up, not really just more expensive life. She spoiled me with some presents and yes Anya is one of the good ones I keep very close forever. Thank you, and yes I will show you guys the perfect present she gave me.

Anyhow, Craig arranged a dinner for me but kept saying that people couldn’t come and that I shouldn’t be disappointed. Honestly, I was very happy that he was putting the effort and the thought of arranging this for me. So until the last minute he kept on saying, oh babes we will go to the canal and be there for a while chilling. I was like: I’m not going to the canal dress like this on my 30th!?!?!?
I wanted food and a warm place to enjoy my birthday.

Anyhow, came into the restaurant and there they were. My loved ones, wishing me happy birthday. I was surprised to my bones, because I honestly thought that only a few will come. It didn’t matter how many, I was please just to celebrate it small or big.

Everyone I have been there for was there, everyone I have put an effort to get to know and have in my life was there. It felt good, very good and beyond amazing. I will tell you more why it felt more special this time in another post. I have so many pictures from my birthday and my holiday to show you. So many things happening as well, so I will have to post every day and start giving some good content.

Keep reading…

…because I now have a computer and I will blog my fingers off.


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  1. Åh grattiiiiis!!! Pepp på att du har dator ska se till att tune in till din blogg så himla fin! Hur kääänns det då – Dirty thirty? 🥂


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