NEW READ | The subtle art of not giving a f*ck

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The subtle art of not giving a fuck – A counter intuitive approach to living a good life.

I have bought so many books lately, I love books that make you think a little but further. A book that makes you laugh, feelings that comes by reading a certain sentence.
I think reading is a great tool in order to stimulate the brain, and I also think that reading different books can give you a wider perspective. And I think it is important to question book as well, after all the people behind the books are people just like us and their theory doesn’t have to be true. Take what is important and makes sense from the book you are reading, but I shouldn’t agree on believing everything a books says. I like more life awakening type of books, not demanding ones.

Anyhow I have a new book called -the subtle art of not giving a f*ck-, and it is raw and easy. Raw because he literally doesn’t give a fuck about how he comes across in the book. Easy because it is interesting and it makes you continue reading more and more. He explains everything in a “rude” way but a good way as well. I like the book and I think it is a great book for many people who find anything to give a f*ck about.

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2018-09-30 19:21:48.415

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