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Why is it hard to be nice to your own gender?

Is it me or have we females completely lost it?
I work in an office with both genders and I rather be more nice to the females than the men, because well you always try to empower and protect what is related to you right? I’m a female and it feels bad to be nicer to men than women. Although, this is something that females do ALL THE TIME. I might have to be rude and say this but: we don’t have to please men outside the bed as well.

I have always had problems with insecure females, always. I try to be me and a good friend, a good stranger when I met new people but I cannot stand insecure females that let their insecurity SHINE all over them. I get WELL along strong females, the ones that aren’t afraid to lift you up and lift themselves up. They aren’t intimidated by your beauty, by your success, by your good relationships, they are just as happy as you are because they are happy with themselves. I have found them and I love my fellow females, we lift each other up but the reason why I wanted to share my thoughts about this is: I work in an office and I’m the one being all over the females, I take them first but something baffled me the other day. These females at work, some are just…O M G! They smile bigger than big to the men, but to the females they are just like: mm hi. Okey, I’m sorry I don’t have a penis you can play with. I found females like that very disturbing, I think we are being wrong asking men to treat us well, when we can’t even treat each other right.

Not all the females are like that, but I have had so many experience with insecure women that I needed to lift this subject again. We won’t be able to create a better world for us females if we continue to damage each other with jealousy, back stabbing, taking each other’s boyfriends, talk bad and revenge. It doesn’t work like that, and the outcome of all the insecurities from us isn’t gonna help us to move forward with what we want. I know that a genuine and happy soul goes all the way, a helpful person goes a long way, those who hurt and revenge…. Well I don’t know about you.

With that being said, we ask so much from others but we cannot give without feeling like we are doing a favor to others. No, we are nice because we want to create a better world. I’m nice and try to keep peace within myself because I believe that we are mirrors. It sounds cliche and people do as you do. If you give me inspiration and support, my soul will automatically give you the same. No question about it, but I also give even though people don’t give back. Reason is because I respect human beings. Until you do me wrong, I love you as a human being and I respect you. Walk on my toes or try to destroy me, respect will never be gained again. Lost, finito, done, never again. When females are being consciously mean because they think that they are better, WE CANNOT INTERACT!

I’m not a massive fan of men, well it sounds really weird but I usually find them very annoying (not all of you). The think they are right, only their fake flu is the one to think about, only they can do shit things, they are kings if they sleep with too many women, but females are sluts. So no, I disagree with men plenty of times. I don’t think contraceptive should only be used by the female, share the symptoms of dealing with discomfort. I mean, I will raise this issue another time before it gets too long.

Anyhow, praising another female or telling them how good they are won’t destroy you. A genuine female, Gosh for me you are beautiful. I want to be near you all the time. My biggest crush on females is when they are like you, they are strong and empower you back, inspire you, they are not afraid to tell you what they think but they also think of your well-being as a human, they respect you and they want to see you happy. Why can’t we just be more like that? Why do we have to scroll up&down our feeds on Instagram and as soon as we see a picture of another female, we just scroll down and roll our eyes? I have seen it and I know people might do it to my pictures or think I’m just too much. I don’t care, it is your insecurities but don’t let them eat you alive. If I don’t fancy following someone, I remove them. EASY AND DONE. We don’t have to like every person in this world, but just because we don’t like them we don’t have to be nasty (why I’m saying this is also because I once was angry because I felt backstabbed in all the ways from previous friends but realised that no there is no point trying to revenge they mean nothing more than just old friends). We don’t have to trash talk people, we don’t have to revenge. I guess, me being this way scared a lot of females because they don’t know how to be, they think too much of how to be liked by others meanwhile I’m thinking: HOW CAN I LOVE MYSELF much more and more? How can I create a better self and inspire others to do so? I’m not saying I’m a saint, or that I don’t have insecurities. Yes, I have plenty but I try not to let them demand how I carry myself around people. And it isn’t a point trying to be nice when you actually don’t feel like it or have something against someone. Move away, leave, or just stop pretending.

I have had PLENTY of experiences with girls being cheeky, from roommates talking about my business to others, etc. I don’t excuse their behaviour, I just forgive myself for even giving them a tiny bit to snack on of my life. Be careful who you tell your secrets to, some people do not want your best. Some people aren’t interested in how you feel, they are just with you sometimes because you have something they want have close to them.

I like to speak about experiences and I know that a lot of people can relate, we are not alone in our struggle. We all deal with it, some better, some worse, some hide it very well, but we all do suffer. Life is like that, but just because we suffer inside of us. Why are we letting our pain bodies’ demand and be nasty? Nobody is responsible for your shitty life. Nobody told you or has forced you to live the life you live. We shouldn’t take blames and disrespectful behaviors from others for no reason. We need to take responsibility now and if we want women to have more power, support your own gender.

Supporting other females shows just that you know what self care is, you take care of yourself and others. Be mindful.

I tried to find pictures of my friends but… here is a picture of me meanwhile I get some good ones.

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