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Did you all have a good weekend? Plenty of good sleep?
I had a genuine good weekend, I literally spent it all with Craig. Friday we met up for some exhibition in Chelsea but ended up buying Ben’s cookies and ice cream instead. Was it yummy? Yes! Did I get indigestion, heartburn and bloated? Definitely. Worth it? Every pain.
We ended up being like an old couple and went back home, Craig slept so early that I ended up watching F.r.i.e.n.d.s by myself.
Saturday was a good day, I hoovered, cleaned, folded clothes, tidy up the room, yes so normal duties. Towards the evening we headed to the city to meet up with our friends Duoa, Josh and Kim. We started at London Cocktail Club in Shoreditch, after a while more friends came to join us and we ended up walking up to Traffic, a very packed young place in Shoreditch but I’m telling you. It was A GOOD f*cking night.

Josh and Duoa have such a good energy, it so contagious. They are always happy but genuine and real. Usually, when you are with a group of people this is what happens: people want quality, good crowd, good music, good place, and everyone in the group has their own wishes. So it is not always often you have a good night (I mean not everyone is satisfied), because people think more of the outside than the people they are with. It is funny how you can appreciate and learn something from friends every day, Josh and Duoa are definitely them ones. To have fun with what you got, to have fun with the people you are with and stop looking outside. So we ended up having such a good night, we were sweating, laughing, taking pictures, dancing more, drinking, it was A GOOD NIGHT!
I wouldn’t ever think of going to Traffic just like that, but it had good music and we didn’t care about who was there or anything else more than just DANCE and have fun.

Pictures from the weekend.
2018-10-13 22:28:39.0472018-10-14 00:32:42.4552018-10-14 00:30:48.3502018-10-14 02:45:52.7692018-10-13 22:28:12.4112018-10-14 00:28:57.8382018-10-14 00:32:13.094

Oh, on Sunday I ended up sleeping the whole day apart from going to Pizza Express and eat. This weekend I’m going to my family for two days, gonna celebrate me turning 30 with my parents and best friend.

Ps. I love the theme of the pictures. I love taking them with this up HUJI that I have been using the whole summer. It gives a nicer filter to the pictures, specially the club ones. And we were sweating like piggies!


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