VENUS RETROGRADE 2018 |5th Oct – 16th Nov.

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What impact has the retrograde on you this time?

I don’t like to exaggerate and start giving deep astrology information as I’m learning every day new things. Anyway, the retrograde? I forgot for a second that is was that time.
I feel amazing with myself and there are so many good things that are coming into my life, BUT not everyone is on the same frequency as me. I see people being petty, giving a f*ck about silly things, commenting, adding, and blaming others for their failures. I can’t do anything else than just be the bigger person, but even I get tired of being the bigger person when others can’t.

How has this retrograde been for me? I have experiences people being petty TO THEIR HIGHEST DEGREE! They want to comment on everything, add some comment to the way of being or anything. They can’t just shut up and move on, they have to feel the need, the itchiness to destroy the peace within you. I have come a long way (I think), I think before I act, I try to be calm but I can’t always be calm because people know what they do wrong and if I need to be completely honest: I’M NOT DEALING WITH KIDS. At the same time that I think we still remain kids forever and some people will forever blame others for the misery of ours. Another lesson to learn here, stay calm!

What have I done differently this time? First of all, I forgot about the retrograde but since this year started I promise myself to be nicer. Nicer to myself mainly, and by being nicer to myself I filter what I want to care about and what catches my attention. That is my way of gaining peace within myself. Of course yesterday I was angry because I left work 5 minutes early and still it took me 2 hours to get home and I got angry because I was sweating and this just felt like a horrible slavery. People packed on the train like sardines and British people still think it’s normal? Anyhow I couldn’t control myself when I was dying of heat on the train so I had to cuss for a bit.

Even though this time the retrograde feels shit, I feel like I’m growing like I previously said. I feel like I finally get to see my worth, my purpose in this life and what I have to create a perfect life. One thing that is so CRAZY, is that I don’t take this retrograde as something bad. I do the same thing I did last time it was here, I analysed it and tried to get perspective. What I need to work on. This time I need to work on: how not to let the outside demand my mood, my life, my relationships etc. it is a massive thing for me, I’m so sensitive to peoples energies.
Although I can’t stop giving myself credit for the life I have managed to live, I never used to do this and this year with all the retrogrades on I have seen my value, my power, my worth and how much I love myself. Loving yourself can be to avoid certain things, not because you are weak, not because you hates conflicts (I truly don’t, I’m more a person that goes all in and let you know whats up) but sometimes you let go of certain things because it doesn’t lead to anything positive and it doesn’t depend on how careful you try.
I don’t know how to explain this year better but this year is teaching me to know how to control myself, the only person I can control is myself. What is your retrograde telling you?

I will be so happy if you all can share bits of your experience with the Venus Retrograde. Sometimes reading others experiences and how they feel about this and that can give your answers, can motivate a feeling to release and feel free. Interacting with people who are as connected as you is vital for your growth, every person contributes with a tiny or massive thing whether it is positive or negative. We need negative things in order to grow, we need to analyse somethings in order to understand why, and we need to learn how to control and work with those feelings in order to create peace for us now and future. Deal with the past so it doesn’t hunt you in the future. More or less close some doors.

Another thing that I remember from the last retrograde. Is to be mindful. I’m not gonna lie I had a little bit of a disagreement with someone. Nothing major, but it did annoyed me. I have learned to write everything I feel about the experiences I have, small or big. Write it down and read it and then I know that I don’t have to create a massive argument or maybe I should. I just take a few breathers and think more of the outcomes rather than me having my say. Sometimes, you don’t have to always add your opinion. And this retrograde is teaching us that, to sometimes understand that silent is gold. The power of the right phrases. So what did I do instead? I throw a text but I approached the person differently. I said what I needed to say and the person response was positive and agreed with me. Another lesson of being careful, we don’t have to rush and let people know how bad they done. People they know, they do know believe me. I have learned also to give people their space to understand their actions, we all need head space as well. What have learned in relationships and with myself in relationships is that: WE DO BLOODY WRONG every day but what matters is that we can take responsibility for our actions. And do something about it.


How to survive the Venus retrograde?
– Focus on yourself, and do not make rush decisions. It says that exes and old events will come up. Don’t dig into that because old events do not serve any good. Unless, yeah well this ex has done some major inner work.
– Give yourself space even if you feel like you don’t need it, space is needed for your own benefit.
– Write a love letter for yourself, write down everything you love and everything you would like to changed with yourself and how you see life. Now is the time to recognize yourself.
– Put down boundaries. Boundaries are important for functional relationships. And no boundaries don’t have to come in a harsh. Boundaries are needed for people to know how you see yourself and how much you value your own peace. When we give to much, we get exhausted and resentful. Take the next couple of weeks to examine those fine lines, where you have to put boundaries. If you have served, let your partner or the other person to continue with the ball. You can’t hit the ball twice!
– Join the body positive movement, love yourself and love your body. The mirror is mean sometimes and we start to throw criticism to ourselves. No need for that. Feel yourself, you are sexy, your are a sex appeal, AND YOU GOT THIS!
– Go for a retro style and remember that style is not superficial, it can be a personal signature. Vintage is always good during this time.
– Even the most extrovert person can become irritated with other people during this time. Have in mind that we feel a lot in the moment, and are very sensitive to each others energy. If you find it hard to be around people during this time, take time apart from everything and be with yourself. Treat yourself with your own company.

Ps. Do not try to justify yourself, explain to much or try to make people understand. Be organic, be real but do not force things.

This retrograde is asking us to learn how to stop trying to control everything, be more mindful, be mindful of your own spiritual space, protect your energy, don’t waste energy on insignificant things, sometimes it is good to just listen, learn how and when to have an opinion. A life full of lessons, you just have to be more open, aware and awake. It is while you sleep that life turns up side down and you have no clue on how to deal with the first problem. Frustration comes, but once you see more of what is going on. You can help yourself and people around you.

Maybe some of these points will inspire you a bit and help you.
Tell me about your retrograde please! 😀 And I’m sorry for the very casual writing, I want it to be real.


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