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Yoga is more than just a pose and Buddha bowl and trendy.

The reason why I started with yoga was mainly to be more flexible. I remember when I first started 2013 and I loved it. It gave me a boost of life, I felt stimulated and alive. I did it only at home following videos, bend my whole back, handstand, headstand and all of that. I did it religiously for like 6 months, after 6 months I was now interested in a social life. I needed to gain some more friends in London. Yoga wasn’t in the picture anymore, I bought cheap packages to motivate myself and go but…. Yeah!

So now during two years I have included more flexibility to my working out routine, and daily life. Stretching is something I do every day, morning and evening. It is not complex type of stretching, just stretch out that Instagram neck and back.

Since August I have been practicing yoga much more, different ones, hot and bikram. Some good and some less good. In general they have all helped me to gain a little bit of knowledge myself and a better self. I have my own proper yoga mat which does life a little bit better, now I need some yoga blocks and other tools in order to practice yoga properly. Did I mention that I’m starting a yoga course in November? Okey well I’m so excited! A great opportunity to do something good for myself, maybe be able to teach basic yoga at home. I have always loved to learn new things in life and I guess that is my way of searching for stimulation.

Anyway, that was my little story about yoga. Is yoga for me and has it helped me? Definitely. Yoga has been a perfect life tool lately, and it has helped me a lot with my PMS. Breathing, stretching, mindfulness, meditation and see in flexible results. All of that helps massively.

How has it helped me?

  • One main thing is, blood circulation. My hands and feet have ALWAYS been cold. Have you ever had something that your boyfriend hates? Well I do. My blood circulation, at some point he thought I was dead because it took me maybe an hour after I jumped in bed to warm my feet and hands. I guess the yoga movements work like massage for your system.
  • Feeling less stress more often, PMS isn’t in my head as much as it was before. In my opinion, I’m more calm mentally now than before.
  • Learned how to breathe properly and use the breathing techniques to relax. Lately, I have had some weird feelings I have never registered in my brain. I know now that it is small doses of anxiety. Deep breathing is EVERYTHING. As soon as I feel a little bit out of balance during the day, I focus on my breathing more. Small doses of anxiety doesn’t affect me that deep, but I just don’t like the feeling.
  • I correct my posture every day, every time I walk and I think about it more now than before. It has made me conscious of how bad my posture is normally.
  • I don’t tense myself so much when I sit down on the train i.e.
  • Yoga has been like a remedy for my period pains. I have had some pain during this time but nothing like before.


I’m going for a yoga class today and honestly I can’t wait. My body needs it. Yesterday I was practicing yoga while watching Shona Vertue on Youtube.
Great if you want to just add flexibility in your life and do not know how….

This is one of the poses I practice yesterday. A very nice one I must say.

I couldn’t find the proper video, so I’m posting the instagram story one. Good breathing exercise.

Happy hump day!


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