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Hi babes,

Yesterday I came home to Stockholm late, got picked up by my parents and came home to chill. Had a long day before that really look forward to just enjoy a quiet night.
Anyhow, I woke up and have had the longest chat with my stepdad, literally. I even said to him: ears are bleeding now. Hahahaha, I always take the piss.

So, smoothie huh? I have had smoothies a lot but I haven’t thought of posting them or anything until today. I made this yummy yummy smoothie with….

Oat vanilla Yogurt (which I’m def gonna bring with me to London)
Frozen spinach
Frozen blueberries
Ground sunflower seeds
Ground macambo seeds

This yogurt is the best, I cannot believe how good it is BUT big big big bUT…. it contains sugar and soy. So, maybe after thinking maybe only one of this could do to bring home. I rather not consume to much soy or sugar, I have been too free with my eating patterns and finally this week I have started to go back.

Btw, Sweden is AMAZING now.. So easier and so much expensive to eat healthy. Coming to my parents is like a kid in candy land. They have so much of everything.




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