Skin Care Simple Routine | Konjac Sponge and Jade roller

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Not my best picture but it shows everything of my face more or less. So you can see what I’m treating.

Skin Care Simple Routine

I have very simple but religious skin care routine for my face. I keep myself to the same products more or less but very few. I don’t have the time first of all or the brain to remember all the steps or gosh products there are out there. I keep it simple, easy and affordable.

I have kept it like this for a long time now as I might be blind but I don’t think I have bad skin or skin problems before, although pores are something that annoys me. We all get them and who doesn’t enjoy randomly going to the bathroom and start picking on them. Which is the worst thing you can do but it gives you a high. For me they get trapped as I say, and don’t come out. Right now I have on my nose and it refuses to come out.

Anyhow, let’s start with my morning routine.

The products I use in the morning are: Cold water to wake up and relax my swollen face with my facial roller quickly. Use a clean towel to dry your face.

I apply coconut oil around my cheeks and forehead, and gentle around my eyes so the oil doesn’t get in eyes.
I after use a cotton pad with rose water and clean my face with it.

Processed with VSCO with fs4 presetAnd now to the finale, I moisturize it with my day face cream.

The products in the evening are “heavier” than the ones in the morning.
I start with a lemon soap to wash my face, working in the city comes with all kinds of pollution (proper wash).
I also use a Konjac lavender sponge to exfoliate my face and I can honestly say that adding it to my skin care routine helps with the glow.
Once my face is dry and clean, I apply organic cold pressed coconut oil and massage my face with my facial roller.
Next step is to use a cotton pad with rose water and clean the face AGAIN, this sounds like a horrible process but I use coconut oil before the rose water.

Processed with VSCO with fs4 presetFinal step now, using Elizabeth Arden night cream every night around my eyes and forehead. I like the sound of aging beautifully but I really do not want to have wrinkles on my forehead.

And this is my WHOLE skin care, I have also bought in chamomile herb spray and lavender herb spray BUT I haven’t use it yet or figured out which order and how often I’m gonna use it in my skin care routine. If you have good skin, make sure you keep yourself to organic or natural products. I also do not over use make up, so I let my skin breath 90% of my time. And that also helps.


Quick benefits of konjac sponge:

1. It cleanses your skin of dirt, blackheads, whiteheads, oil and other blemishes. The good benefit of konjac sponge is to make your skin extremely clean without drying it out. It makes your skin softer after
2. The sponge will make all dry skin flakes vanish and because your skin is moisturized by the konjac sponge, your face becomes more responsive to other skin care products. It also makes your face the perfect canvas for cosmetics. Your skin also becomes bouncy, and will be able to release its natural oil. It’s also great during makeup removal because the konjac sponge is a good cleanser, it can also wipe off stubborn traces of makeup on your face.
3.  Konjac sponge skin benefits include treating your clogged pores and acne. The natural fibers unclog the pores on your face, resulting to smoother and clearer complexion. Be careful with your acne, though, as you might accidentally prick a pimple. Apart from that, the konjac sponge is good for people with sunburnt skin because it sloughs off dead skin cells, giving way to newer and fresher skin. Konjac sponges can also remove stubborn sunscreens that stick to your skin and cannot be washed easily by a cleanser.
4.  Gentle cleansing is part of konjac sponge skin benefits. This product is okay for those with sensitive skin and will not damage your skin cells. They can even be used to shower babies! The sponges are so soft and palm-sized and make a perfect sponge for baby bath time. To prep up your skin for konjac sponges, wash your face with lukewarm water, put cleanser on your sponge, and then massage your face with the sponge in circular motions. Focus on areas where there are a lot of whiteheads and blackheads or other blemishes.
5. The last of the konjac sponge skin benefits is that it makes your skin more radiant. Imagine having a clear complexion that looks so natural, think of glowing au naturel skin. Imagine a clearer and smoother skin that is not marred with pimples and other blemishes. You can look the part of a blushing bride through the use of konjac sponges. Regular scrubbing will make your skin smooth and silky like a baby’s. The longer you use the konjac sponge, the better your skin would look like.

Ps. I throw away my konjac sponges after 2-3 weeks of using. They do work, and also I use it for the rest of my body as well as I have a konjac lavender cloth.
Google Konjac Sponge for more depth about it.

And quick info about the facial jade roller below:

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