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Things we have to give up to live and get the life we want.

I don’t think I’m successful yet but I can honestly tell you that stop doing and removing certain things in my life, it all makes me feel like I’m finally winning. I’m not competing against anyone in this world apart from myself, the reason why is because I don’t think anyone is in the same field as me. Or have taking the same path as me. Anyhow, I have started to amend my life in a better way by doing this:

Giving up playing small

This has never ever helped me, shy away and not let people hear what you really want. Shy away because you feel intimidated because somebody else is better. Reality is that everyone is good at something. If you really want to get out there, start seeing yourself as a worthy person, a person that has a lot to offer. Don’t be afraid to fail, everyone fails and not everyone is telling about it.

Give up your excuses
Oh lord, this has helped med a LONG way this year. It has made people shut up a little bit more. If you do anything wrong or anything that affects a situation negative and you take the full responsibility. Respect. My life changed a lot and was an eye opener, and to realize that you are responsible for what happens next in your life is both frightening and exciting. Excuses limit and prevent us from growing personally and professionally. Own your life: no one else will!

Give up your need to control everything
We cannot control everything in this world, we cannot control what someone thinks of us. Some people made their judgement and that is it. Do you live for that person? No so move on.
Or complaining about the weather all the time, we cannot control that. Some things we cannot control and when we start seeing what we can control and what can’t. Life gets easier, because you stop controlling the wrong things.

Give up the toxic people in your life

From time to time, we have to let go of certain things and people. I’m not blaming others for how I live my life but people can interrupt your peace while you grinding and trying to sort your life out. Toxic people can be the ones that makes you feel like your whole life is a failure, or that you always make bad decision, they always moan at you, they always find something, and they want to change you for them. Be with people who encourage you and accept you for the choices you have made in your life, people who allow you to grow and be a better person. It is not leaving people behind or to be arrogant, sometimes we need to protect ourselves.

Give up your need to be liked
My life finally began when I started to realize that we cannot agree with every person in this world, neither can we be liked by every person in this world. You can do everything “right” and that can be so wrong in someone else’s eyes. Just do what you think it’s healthy, live a happy life for yourself, everything starts with yourself. And everything else flows….

Take care of yourself
And by this I mean, don’t force yourself to do things your heart doesn’t like. What your soul doesn’t feel comfortable doing. Be nice. Allow yourself to remove yourself from situations that no longer serve you anything beneficial. Focusing on yourself isn’t being selfish, or being mean. Focusing on yourself is trying to the right things, treat yourself with respect and not let other people demand your life.

Remember this, and this is something that always gives me a little bit of *pheeew*.. and that is: everyone have their own doubts, insecurities, issues, and the list can be long. When I accepted how life can be or at least try, I don’t bother anymore how others see me. I mean, some people are so focused on others people’s life because they own life is a mess or hard to deal with. I’m speaking out of experience and my experience with people have made me more understanding to others and more gentle to myself.



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