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Hi babes,

I have not been able or actually I have not had the urge to post anything,every time I try to sit down I end up doing something else. Anyhow, how are we today? I’m doing fine. I think my healing process was needed, it was needed in terms of cleaning myself from inside out. More so inside than anything, I have only practiced yoga for the last couple of weeks and gym is out of the window.Not out of the window but if you have knee problems, there are certain thingsyou do a little bit less at some point.

So, what has happened lately? I have created a better environment around myself. I have changed my mood, my perspective and how I carry myself. It has helped me massively. I have just continued doing what I have told you before,food wise I’m just doing my best to be completely honest. I trying to just have it balanced, also one thing at the time to deal with. So, lately or always I have always liked to gain more knowledge in things. Now my challenge is to gain more knowledge about myself in all the ways I can. And, here is what I want to know and improve maybe? My sexiness or sensuality could we possible call it? I havealways wondered and this is very bad, I have wondered why men think I’m sexywhen I’m just wearing a college jumper and a pair of jeans, and boots? It tookme time to understand that there are other ways to be sexy, without beingnaked. Lately I have asked myself, what is sexy with me? What do I think issexy with myself? How do I see myself? And this is a very good way of gettingout the truth of yourself, according to myself.

My challenge is to find what makes me sexy, what should I work on more? How is my charm? I’m a very particular person when it comes to what I think is sexy. A naked man for me is not sexy, I don’t get turned on easily by seeing a naked man I don’t have feelings for. My man, yes all days, every day. Reason why is because he is the only man for me (doh), when I was single I looked for other things such as: how he looked, what he does with his hands (not that, I mean takes care of them, they look tidy and clean i.e.), the way he dresses, how clean he is, o m g for me it is so much more than a look. I need to find very small (big) things attractive.
If you feel like life is boring sometimes, try to challenge yourself with things you wish you could do or have more knowledge of. My challenge now is to know what makes me sexy, what I like about myself that is attractive. Sometimes, you have to find yourself attractive from your own heart not because others think SEX SALES. Yes, sex sales but that won’t be the case later in life. I’m trying to find things I like about myself that also applies in the future. It could be a characteristic feature that people might think she is sexy. A lot of people live after their sexiness and being naked, yes believe me I’m naked often and I have no problems with nudity although, do not use that to find approval from others.

Next time I will put down what I like about myself, what I think makes me sexy,what characteristic features should I work in, improve etc.

What are your challenges and what would you like to improve? You can comment J

There are other challenges I will post about that I do with myself, I’m on a path to be a better person, enjoy myself more, enjoy the person I’m, so much more. I just want to be the best of myself. I do this for myself, and for my kids and family (I know I don’t have kids yet but I cannot stop thinking of them when I do things).

I will randomly share my path journey. Hope you enjoy it. 

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