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Ok, not true but we are now 30 years old both of us. Last weekend Craig and I jumped on the late night flight to Stockholm to visit my family quickly and also celebrate Denise birthday. A nice group of people from London came to celebrate her, including us obvs. 
It was really fun and I met old friends from before, and people I haven’t spoken to since I left Sweden. It was also nice to be at home for a moment and see my parents. It is so quite now that our dog is gone, and it does hurt still. 

So I took a few pictures and I also take pictures with the HUJI app I love. It is the best when it comes to parties because all the pictures are either blurry or get this funny nice filter. I use it all the time. 

So pictures now,

Denise and I have known each other for many years now. Although we started a solid friendship when she moved to London for 3 years ago. Our boyfriends are friends now as well. 
Three sweds. Me Denise & Gladys! 
My boyfriend. 
And this happened a lot. 
Our DJ that played the music EVERYone wanted to hear. And I have not seen him for years. 
I dont know why I keep on calling DangermouseDenise for Dangerousmouse? Anyhow, she had baked some sweets. Unfortunately my belly was more keen on the savory food. 
I was wearing like a proper glam outfit and came to Denise and saw people being dressed very casual. So I put on my jumper again. And this gal next to me, her name is Maria, coming from the same country as me and not only that, same CITY IS MY MOTHER. The city I was born in. Ahh, it was just crazy because I have not met anyone in Europe apart from my family with similar background as me.
A cake I wish I had tried, it looked so good. People said it was good. 
Chicks. 🙂
Unclear photo. Craig, Sanna and Dami. 
Denise was trying to be the DJ. 
Nice place to be in. 
Dami keeps his love next to his heart. Denise and Dami, they are a couple. 
Bromance between Nick and Craig. 
Happy birthday love! 
We stayed at Denise’s house, woke up watch the amazing fight between Wilder and Fury. Epic. Then slept again and Denise drove us to my parents. Now that my parents live south it is so easy to get to places, much quicker. 
My outfit was approved but not my face. Wearing my lovely faux fur from River Island, flare tights from PrettyLittleThing, gloves that I bought from Primark, and shoes from Beshka. 

That was all from me, or from that day. 
I will post more later and more things. To be completely honest I have not done much lately or things that are really worth mention. 

Enjoy this love Wednesday.


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