Boiler Room | Yxng Bane

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I could not be more happy to have Friday here, I’m literally so tired from the week and also from yesterday. Craig and I met Kim and Lovisa yesterday and attended Boiler Room. I have never been in one of their events before so I was really happy when I got the guestlist. I thought, Yxng Bane and Ms Banks are gonna be there, I have to go. Well, it wasn’t that many people and the people there were like 18? I was like, OK I do feel like a GRANNY. Music was good though and we managed to dance for some time before my feet start aching hard. They are so painful today and I’m so tired on top of that. 

I just want to go home and sleep really but I know that my brain does not work like that, it knows that the time is 8pm i.e. so I feel tired but I can’t relax fully. Something strange. 
I’m gonna do my nails today after work and head to Brixton and have dinner with my friend and yeah we will just chill today. I think I’m gonna spend the weekend with my Craig. We are both knackered and done so much lately. 

And I recorded so much, now I don’t have any memory left on my phone. 
It was nice to come out yesterday but I know now why I don’t do it, you cant start early and go out until late. I’m too old for that now or old and old, I don’t like the feeling of feeling exhausted the next day like I do now. 

Have a great weekend guys. 


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