HAPPY TUESDAY | London pics.

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Happy Tuesday beauty-souls.
I wasn’t really keen on waking up this morning, I mean I’m never keen on going up early while it’s dark but the sunrise I get to see every morning is amazing.We love watching the sun rise but go up early for that, me? No, although work forces me and I like it.
My mood on Tuesday are usually very good, I’m grateful and positive for life.

I have for a few months been taking the same route to work, in order to get that extra 40 mins walk every day. I don’t do gym as much but I do yoga much more so walk is good addition.
And while walking to work every morning I have been taking pictures of London’s sky line, and it’s lovely and incredible to think that I live in one of the world’s most known cities.
At the same time that I need to let you know that I’m not a massive lover for the big cities and pollution, I rather live outside and still have the city nearby.

So here are some pictures I have been taking lately, not every day because I’m usually rushing through all the tourist. Yes, tourist people they do go up early than me and annoy every person on this earth. I promise you guys who don’t live in London, we have MASSIVE rush hour(s) during mornings and evenings. You don’t get a sit, or sometimes even get on the train. Tubes, you need to queue in order to get in, so you kinda need to allow yourself two hours travel even though your journey only takes 30 minutes. Yaay, still love this city. 

Some days are a bit different but it does make me happy while walking regardless how slow it goes. The colors of the sky, the water reflecting, the cold air, the smell of almonds. Yeah, so basically I do love London so much and I love taking pictures of sunrise/sunset all the time. I need to clear my phone really! 

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