Spiritual Cleanse | Palo Santo & White Sage

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What do you prefer, palo santo or sage?

I have been using sage for many years, things have happened when I did it first time and I always do it before the year ends to clean the space. I gave sage to my mum once before but I think she prefers Palo Santo.

I like the smell of Palo Santo more than sage and it reminds me of the old times in Ecuador, my mum used Palo Santo very often when I was tiny. It is very common in Ecuador or I guess in the whole Latinamerica to practice any sort of spiritual ritual.

If you aren’t familiar with smudging or just “entered” you spiritual path (ok I’m not a pro I will forever be a student of life and our paths look different to one another’s) and you don’t know how and what to use. I will share some info here and you can read more about it later on, on your own.

What are the Spiritual benefits of smudging Palo Santo?
– Is a great smudging agent, smells in my opinion pleasant? Warding off negative, residual energies that may try to enter your personal space.
– Cleanse of crystals is Palo Santo good for, they return to their most organic and beneficial states. Some people wash their crystals with water and that is their cleaning, but smudging your crystals is way better and so important to do it on a regular basis. You can get the most out of their high-vibin frequencies.
– Some people prefer to smudge their room or bedroom before going to bed and when they wake up. To be honest, if I worked from home (I will work for myself soon, very soon) I would smudge my house twice. Instead of twice a day, maybe every Sunday? Another way of using palo santo is to carefully maybe smudge a specific clothing you are gonna wear for an important meeting for example.

What are the spiritual benefits of smudging sage?
Very similar to Palo Santo but the smell differ from one another.

– The previous mentioned benefits are the same, apart from with Sage I would suggest you open all your doors, smudge every corner and practice affirmations.

Something that I’m gonna start doing is to bring Palo Santo with me when I travel, or even in my bag and just smudge away the bad energies. Palo Santo like I said does not smell bad at all, it is actually nice smell. White sage smell stronger and if you are sensitive to the smell chose Palo Santo to get use to it. 

Where can I find it are you asking at the same time? You can google meanwhile or research more into it. 

The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden has white sage in different sizes, they don’t cost much at all. £2-£3 average I would say. The Astrology shop has even more things to increase knowledge about your spirituality or I mean tools. Crystals, books, dream-catchers, and so much more I cant even think of. 

Amazon and Etsy. They have everything and you could also chose how earth friendly you want them to be. Some companies chose to get Palo Santo from fallen branches or twigs. Doing that you are not harming the forest or in many cases Amazon Rainforest that is our earths heart.

I know for fact that massage places usually sell Palo santo or Sage. Reflexology practice as well, spiritual clinics. You will find these things mostly everywhere now. 

Let me know if you have used it before, and if you have any other new things to try. 


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