Friday List | Get to know me.

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  1. What is your favorite restaurant? At the moment I’m loving Eat of Eden in Brixton Village. I like the homey type of vibe, the staff who are very friendly, the small tiny space and I do feel really welcomed there. What I like the most is the FOOD of course and that I can go there on my own and still chat to other guest with same interest. The food is Caribbean and vegan, and have the best wheat meat on earth and mac&cheese.
  2. What is your fitness routine? Lately I have been doing 5 minutes cardio, running literally for 5 minutes. Stretch, body weight (activate the muscles), weights, stretch and home. I spend 40-50 minutes at the gym. I like the session to be consistent, sweaty and hurt. 
  3. What is your makeup routine? No make up at all.
  4. What things can’t you live without? Face-cream, body lotion, carmex lip-balm, and food. I’m addicted to many things hahaha.  
  5. Do you have a music playlist you can share? I do and I will share it another day. 
  6. What books are on your shelf? I haven’t put up a shelf, and I have a few I need that are not read yet. Americanah & Homo Deus.
  7. What podcasts do you listen to? 
  8. What is in your bag? I carry: wetwipes, a bar of pure cocoa butter, my tiny make up bag, wallet, phone, keys, extra pair of earrings, ear phones, extra pair of socks, iphone charger, in case of emergency stuff. You can ask anyone of my friends and they will know that I always have two of one thing. I don’t like to be unprepared, and it is really annoying because I can’t just live the house with keys, phone and wallet. 
  9. What is your morning routine? Press snooze for like 30 minutes, wash my face, teeth, do my hair, shower if I need to, put my clothing on, run to the train. I just hope that I don’t have to run as much next year. 
  10. What is your bedtime routine? Shower, put bed clothes on, prepared my bag for the next day, clean my face, moisturize it, evening yoga, and bed. 
  11. How do you relax after a long day? Oh wow, I like a nice red wine and a nice movie. More or less my night tonight after my meeting.
  12. Can you share pictures of your workplace? No. 
  13. What are your hobbies? Talk (I love to chat, I chat your until your ears bleed), exercise, eat, hang with my friends, I like to read a lot, and I like to travel. 
  14. What are your favorite YouTube channels? I don’t have any to be completely honest. I don’t spent much time watching videos. I’m a little bit weird like that, I use YouTube very little. 

I thought I do a quick random Friday-list as I don’t have much to post today, apart from that I’m doing NOTHING today. Or I’m seeing my friends to discuss our project we have. Our project is something sick, and you will be lucky to know. 

Anyhow, I’m gonna head home after the meeting and relax. Literally relax! I need some nice sleep, alone time with myself and just watch some tele. 

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