Thoughts and goals 2019

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I was just saying for myself, that today is wasn’t that bad to wake up. It is so wrong that we start our days saying that, tired of not tired we still waking up.
We are so focused all the time and I mean myself as well, the focus of feeling good or show the happy life. Reality is different to what this fairy tale is, I could tell you a bunch of lies because the picture would be prettier but it is not my reality.
I think we should be more honest with ourselves, honest with our intentions,honest with what we want in life, honest with our love to other people and mostly to ourselves.

I cannot wait until this year is over, I don’t mean in a bad way because this year has been the best one when it comes to personal development. There have been so many things I have been dealing with and the only thing that has helped me to be calm is taking responsibility. When it arrives, of course the situations haven’t been pretty but I have learned to say: it is my fault let me deal with it, not hide it or excuse it just deal with it. Doing that has giving me so much peace, to move forward to see the light and just DEAL with it. Taking huge responsibility in order to accept what it is, has helped me.

Next year I have a few things I want to improve, and I cannot wait to start the New Year. New Year, New me cliche but accurate.

What will I work on next year?

1. I want to eat more and gain more weight. It has been exhausting though to eat and eat and eat all the time in order to gain weight. Not seeing my abs is like an “achievement” hahaha, so sad.
2. I will start a new yoga course next year in January which I look forward to,gain more knowledge in yoga, meditation and mindfulness.
3. I will also try for a whole month 8 hours sleep and cleanse, I need it.
4. 72 hours fasting is on my schedule to do every month. This is something I need to do.
5. Put more work into my own personal projects, which need a lot of time.
6. Schedule my active life. I want to do yoga twice a week (which I have more or less done lately and it is not enough lol), gym 3 times a week and I want to do swimming once a week. Bloody hell Maria, you have some spare time.
7. Relating to the above, I want to make more time in my life. I want to squeeze everything in and still be balanced.
8. I want to visit Sweden more, for more days.
9. I want to make more natural products, nourish my skin with goodies.
10. Last but not least, I want to focus more on MYSELF.

This are the things I want to continue to work on, focus more on and create a healthy life for the future.

What are your goals or resolution for next year?
I will create a mood board as well, because I think I need it in order to get a clearer view of what I want to do. I have a good feeling about next year, I have nice tools in order to welcome the year with open arms. Last year started awful, it wasn’t peaceful either. I have had my emotional and angry and expressive year this year, I have connected with great people and I hope to continue to connect with amazing soul. Create more projects, bring them out to life and to the practical life. I want to create more and just stop thinking of what I want to create and just do it.

If you don’t own your life now, make sure you do it for the future or why not take ownership now? Don’t shy away, if you have great ideas bring them out. Look at the high streets and look around you, how many shops aren’t the same? Many, your dream is not the same as other. It is you creating it. 

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