Sunday | Friends day

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Merry Xmas guys!
I wont be blogging during my holidays as I need to chill and just catch up with some sleep. I finish pretty early today, 2.30pm and I’m back next year to work.
Anyhow, how was your weekend?
As I mentioned, we went for a date night on Friday and danced some good salsa or I mean I did. I love salsa. Saturday I spent the day with Craig, had dinner and visited my friend for some catch up.
Sunday I had a date with some few friends, but it was first only Kim and I and Niat came after. We ate some nice food, followed by so much sweets and for me a whole bottle of red wine. Yes, I can’t stop drinking red wine once I start. So bad, literally so bad. I have always been able to say no to alcohol but hahaha OOOPPS! To be honest, it is more when I’m with friends and we have a good time, I don’t feel like ending the fun part.
Anyway, we played some games or one. Guessing songs, and gosh it was so much fun. We left around 2am and I needed to get up 6.30am for work.
Yeah, I’m feeling it right now and I have to buy some stuff and also going out later tonight. So catch up with sleep? What is that? Me? No, I’m gonna be exhausted by the time I get back to work.

I can just say this, when I got home I literally on the verge of feeling sick. So much food I have been eating, a whole bottle of wine.

Anyhow, it was a good Sunday with my chicks. We all celebrating individually but I think Kim and I will see each other before 2018 ends. What a year it has been!

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