My last days of 2018…

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I made sure I did what I wanted to do, I made sure I saw my friends and I made sure I didn’t feel pressured by anything.

Bought some bracelets from Tosshop and the purple one is with amethyst crystal and yes I’m wearing it everyday. Just like a security blanket, lol.
And also saw a pair of earrings with labradorite crystal and yes my new favs. I love earings and I think I honestly buy 2 pairs every month. I have always own alot of earrings for some reason and still feel like it is not enough?
Met up with Kim for dinner and drinks in Brixton.
We had some few street food starters. Steak tacos, plantain tacos, chicken tacos, duck crockets?, black bean quesadillas. Yeah, not vegan anywhere in this place. We had two drinks and felt sooo full omg.

Kim and I was suppose to g out but we were so full that we couldn’t. We walked around the back areas in Brixton a bit and sat down by a park. Went back home to hers and chilled for another hour or two before I took a cab home.

Passion fruit and vanilla mojito, yaaaas!
On this day I met Kim again, I think it was last Saturday. I wasn’t going to do any shopping because I need to sort some stuff for next year. Just get shit cleared out. We went out on Saturday but just to BoxPark Croydon for some boogie. Gosh, we did have fun me and Kim. A bit too drunk but manageable.
And not to forget that we celebrated Xmas at our friends house with amazing food, visited Craigs dad the following day. Craig got me very good presents.
The shoes you see on the picture. I love them and wow they are very much my style.
He also got me a Fjallraven bag, a new colour I haven’t seen before and yes so much better for my back.

In between the pictures I spend a lot of time with Craig. Maybe a little bit too much hahaha, we watched a few things on Netflix i.e. Bird Box, You! and I watched some weird documentaries. I’m that person that loves everything with crime and psychology. So yes, Stacey Dooley was one of them and yesterday I kinda watched The Revenant, more so the end of it. I’m gonna watch it today again, really got me into this walking in the snow missions type of movie.

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