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Should be only for yourself, and should not be compared with the rest of the world. If you accomplish something, you aren’t better than anybody else you are just better than your old self. Don’t compete with anyone, apart from yourself. Set goals YOU want and not what the media highlights from everybody else. Also, be patience and be nice to yourself.

My goals this year or shall I say: I’m gonna do more of this and try to stick to this.

Yoga. I will continue with Bikram and sign to another Yoga Therapy Course. These courses are amazing, and you learn the basics which helps to get the best out of the class.

Train more gym. I have got the opportunity to be a ambassador for a gym company. I’m gonna make sure I build this body to the maximum. If you know me, you know I look for deals in order to skip paying. I don’t like to pay to exercise when you could easily get your dream body if you have: motivation, ambition and patience.

without my eyes shut obviously.

Meditate more. For few weeks I have been taking a few minutes to do some quick yoga before waking up properly. It has helped a bit, now I just need to add meditation every morning before work. I want a stress-free life please!

To meditate with palo santo and sage burning is just, super good energy environment.

Stop drinking coffee. One of my biggest money spender is coffee. I can live without coffee and have no issue functioning when I’m not working. I just need to get rid of the mentality of drinking coffee every morning when I work.

I have tried everything that is a substitute to coffee. Although, I’m gonna go for the most natural thing instead of coffee. Sleep!

Travel more. I have planned a lot for this year, my only problem is TIME. I hate the fact that I need to ask someone else than myself for holiday? I mean work. Anyhow, I need to plan properly. Gonna use all bankholidays and stuff. More plan ahead in order to do what I always want to do every year. TRAVEL.


Do more girls trips. I have a few trips I want to do with my friends. Just gonna find the correct date and see who is coming. I fancy a few girls trip this year. I want to chit chat and be loud and be me with my girls. Drinks, good food, good music, good dance, good clubs, good relaxing time, good read in the sun, good yoga session and watch the sun rise.

This is my physical to-do list, more of this. I will write down also my mental to-do list. What mindset I will try to have in order to create balance in my life. I’m always on search for balance because I know that balance is my tool for a feeling good life. There are so many things I will do to create more balance, I will let you know of any methods I try.

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