Jamaica here we come..

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Hi Guys,

Happy Monday.

The weekend passes so quickly, I did not do much at all. I’m like that and I’m never stress in order to do something extra on the weekends. I like to feel doing something but nothing major at all. The biggest highlight of this weekend was that…WE BOOKED OUR TICKETS TO JAMAICA!
I’m so excited to visit Jamaica, and this time it looks like we are a big group. We are going with another couple, but I think a few other people will come as well. Aaahh can’t wait. At least one of the big trips planed and paid. Next is Ecuador which I’m doing a month after coming back from Jamaica. Did I say save this year? Haha, booking in advance is a way of saving I guess?

Apart from booking our tickets to Jamaica, we also visited Ikea for some bits and pieces we needed. And chocolate, yes it is that time of the month again. Seems like Craig is joining it as well, he ate the whole chocolate bar. I never care about sweets unless it’s that time of the month.

What was I wearing? I felt for having my new shoes my boyfriend gave me (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH). They are from Topshop, my faux fur is from River Island (I need to stop using so much), jeans are from GAP called 360, jumper and gloves from Primani.

That was my weekend, and Sunday was a good day. The way we managed everything. I woke up and started to take care of the laundry and tidy up, went to grab some lunch, visited Ikea, by the time I got back home I was hungry again so I made some dinner and we literally chilled the whole night after that. Early and relaxed. Apart from me having hard to maintain my sleep, kept on waking up all the time. Warm? Cold? Itchy? Backpain? I don’t know.

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