In order to prevent getting sick..

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Since last year November I have been adding one spoon of flax seed and one spoon of wild honey to my mornings, and I haven’t got the flu yet (so yes honey does work). Every morning apart from weekends when I cannot be asked to think about anything else then, get as much sleep you can get.

Anyhow, it does help and why I know that is because I don’t have the best immune system normally. I eat well, I add good natural supplements to my food and drinks but still not enough for me to be cocky and think I can never get sick.

Another thing that I have been start doing lately every day, lemon tea. I know we all drink this tea when we are sick, but what about all the time? It’s water and you get hydrated and it’s hot. Drinking lemon hot water everyday, will help you a lot combined with flax seed oil and honey.

I take flax seed oil in order to restore a healthy hormone balance. Flax seeds also helps with period pains, and to be fair I have had less and I used to have pain to a certain degree before my coil so I know that flax seeds does helps. – Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and supplements have helped me massively to not feed my PMS.

You can add flax seed oil to your salad, smoothies, or take 2 tea spoon every morning together with honey. What I do. The taste of flax seed oil is a little bit bitter and I just squeeze another spoon of honey straight after.

Ps. It is better to prevent getting sick, instead of trying to fix your immune system while being sick. The ideal is to stay away from pills as much as possible, I never take paracetamol or ibuprofen. I know what they do to your blood and the rest of your body, so I deal with my migraines and other pains like a real woman. But I also add goodies to my daily life.

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