A child is raped every three minutes…

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I don’t know how to start this post as it is very touching and sad. I stand by justice and I dislike unfairness in any type of way. I don’t believe that we women should tolerate more or any bs.
Knowing that children are being raped in all different countries, if not in every country. It breaks my heart, it makes me lose the hope of this world. The most horrifying thing is that, a child is not safe anywhere nowadays unless you have decent parents and family who can protect you.

I have been assaulted once in my life, in a way that made me cry and made my whole life at that moment like it didn’t mean anything. Why I felt that way is because: I was out with my friends, was wearing a black dress and not too short, it wasn’t even that late and a lot of people were out so I didn’t really think of the danger of wearing a normal short dress? I mean, I should walk around naked and nobody is allowed to touch me. Anyhow, I jumped off in Slussen – Stockholm, where my boyfriend at that time lived. I remember this night so well because it was one of the most humiliating moment of my life. My personal life. My private life.
A man comes behind me while I walking up the stairs, and he literally with all he got grabs me by the pussy like Donald Trump says. I got shocked and looked around and saw someone running. I got scared and running up to get to the house, told my boyfriend and what did he say? It is nothing. Oh you are exaggerating. I wasn’t and to be honest I mild the whole story in order to calm myself down, and tell myself that it wasn’t that bad. Imagine being raped and someone says that to you, in this case I wasn’t but enough to feel horrible. Imagine all the poor girls, children, women who are being sexually abused every day. Vulnerable people who cannot defend themselves.

What my boyfriend then said at the time really broke my heart, I guess that was the time I realized what a shit-head he was. Ignorant who lack compassion. You don’t say shit like that, but you know what? Young at the time and how can we expect so much from men when they can be 50 and still do harm and be stupid. I really hope who ever is with him, is being treated normal. I wasn’t.
Anyhow, I compressed the thoughts and what I felt but every year I remember it and I tell myself that it wasn’t my fault for walking home at night in a dress, that it doesn’t give anyone the rights to touch me and that I own my body. I don’t suffer luckily but it made me definitely doubt on men, lose the trust in men, create a little bit of hatred towards them and I honestly just realized that last year. It broke my heart, because I don’t want to feel so much hate towards males. It is not in my nature to hate anyone, but I cannot stop myself from doing it because it keeps on coming. Not for me specific but it happens every day if not every minute. It heartbreaking, because I cannot imagine the pain people who are going through this. How can they still smile? I mean THAT IS A HERO! That is a person who can still stand, after being beating down mentally and physically.

When I was a child I heard horrible stories about rapist in Ecuador, even when I was 6 years old I heard a story and it broke my heart. I couldn’t understand how someone could rape a toddler. How can you? What is going on in your head to do such a thing? I mean, its a child.
My nan was very raw in the way she spoke about rapist being around, she was blunt with the truth and we all kept us away from people we heard were a little bit dodgy. We have to be blunt to our kids about what is going on in this world, the reality.

We will never be able to catch every perpetrator in this world, they hide and you know what, they are men mostly but we should not stop trying to catch them and put them behind bars. Children and women are being molested and raped in the church by pastors, at home by family members, at their training center by their training coach, on their way home by a stranger, and the hardest part is that someone it is someone you did trust and loved. Trust is one of the most important thing for human beings, it is what keeps us sane I would say. If you cannot trust anyone, you walk around paranoid thinking everyone wants to hurt you. I don’t blame these people, because they have been through something that triggered that feeling. I don’t excuse anyone for doing harm to anyone, but there is always an explanation why.

Anything that has to do with injustice in any form, I’m there to speak up. I feel obligated to do so, if I can I should. I cannot be quiet while people are being abused, share everything and let the world know what is going on. I’m sorry but I’m tired of my Instagram feed for example. Massively! Things are only getting shared around due to a trend, I don’t see many of the people I follow doing much (apart from a few blunt people that uses social media for a good cause more than just posting pretty pictures)? And I would tell them in front of their faces, like I understand social media is only there to earn money and show how popular you are. Which means nothing by the end of the day. Social media means nothing, specially when your life outside social media is not even near as perfect. No ones life is. At the same time that social media is what is demanding in our world at this present time, why don’t we use social media more to make people aware of the reality.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any female who hasn’t experience any type sexual abused, mild or not. The majority have experience it, many do not want to speak out about it because they see it as a sin or a shame. You know what? The sin isn’t from your side. It is the person who performs this disgusting act. We shouldn’t blame our girls, children and woman for being abused. We don’t ask for it. Girls are also fragile human beings, and they don’t know life as well as maybe an older female. At the same time, that even grown women can end up like that, what do we expect young girls to do?

Rape is a criminal brutal inhumane act. Something that I learned during my years, and more so now is the lack of compassion men can have. You say no and they continue. Even when it is something very simple and not deep at all, they DON’T listen to you when you say no, I mean they don’t care if say no because they are in need of getting their will through. I have always said this and more so now: men are just children who are testing the waters. Men are selfish, very much so. It doesn’t need to be anything bad, but when it comes to the awful things they can go through you see their selfishness coming in first place. They want, they need, they are the best, they feel, they they they they. I’m honestly tired of this unfairness treatment vulnerable people go through, and by vulnerable I mean children and females.

A child is being raped every three minutes in South Africa, can you believe that? See around you, there are kids everywhere. Imagine knowing the kids. I mean, I can’t even continue because tears just keep on coming. I mean these poor little kids, who know nothing about life. Who don’t do anyone harm in any way, they go through this things DAILY. Where are we? Why do we let this continue? Why do we let these men get away with this? Protect our small people, protect their life and their youth, protect them because they depend on us.

We need to be honest with our kids about the reality.
We need to believe them and protect them.
We need to be careful who we let in our home.
We need to be careful when we are out.
We need to be prepared and carry something to protect us.
We need to be smart and be careful with ourselves.

We need to question when we hear things about people like R Kelly. Don’t be stupid, rumors don’t start from nowhere.

When you go out, please make sure you are either taking a cab or walk home with a friend. If you take a cab, text any of your friends the cab registration number, say where you are exactly. If you are with a friend, do the same. Make sure you make your friends and family aware of where you are and who you are with. If that is not an option, carry your keys in your hands while walking home. Grab a pair of flat shoes in your bag if you wearing high heels. Do everything to prevent letting this suckers take your life away from you.

I refuse to stand back and pretend keeping my hands tied, I will forever speak up about this. I will forever share the faces of these bad guys. I’m a female, a black female and being a black female is so much more complicated than what people think. If R Kelly was messing around with white girls, he wouldn’t make music today. He wouldn’t walk around and make music about how people want to see him fail. No money in the world, would have save him from going to prison if the underage girls where white. It’s unfair, because we are all equally worth. Black female or white female, still a female right? Why do we have to fight harder to get our voice heard, or why do we have to go through the judgments of people saying: you are an angry black woman when we defend ourselves. Meanwhile a white female, is just being fair and looking for justice? This is facts, nothing we black people made up. We see it everyday, some of us experience it everyday, injustice for being a person of color in this world. It began for many years ago, and keeps on living around us but some people say racism is gone? What do you think?

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