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Life can be hard on us. We can be hard on our selves so many times and we don’t really see it. Self-awareness is so important.
I think that in order to be as authentic as you want to be, you also need to create some sort of self-awareness. I’m saying this to myself because sometimes you can get stuck in your own “principle” bubble and think that everything you do and say is the correct and the way forward. Our realities don’t revolve around the world if you know what I mean? Everyone has their own reality, everyone of us feel like we are the center of this planet. For each of us we are, but to the rest we are not.

Lately I have been thinking about how to be authentic, what does it mean? Is it necessary in this world? Is it important for me to be authentic? What do you mean when you say authentic? Everyone wants to be authentic, even though most people on the social media preaching about it often don’t understand what the word means.

When we are looking to build relationships, we look at peoples morals, principles and values. Do they match with me? We often want to identify us with honest, kind and trustworthy people and people who are unpredictable in any ways you try to avoid. At least I do.

How to stay authentic, according to myself.

Stay true to yourself. I can’t stress this enough guys. Its simple and cliche yes, but as true as ever. Be true to yourself is fundamental to living a life of integrity. I try as much as I can to stay true to myself, for example if I sign up for a class I try to stick to it and not cancel. That is a way for me to stay true to my needs, wants and commitments. Learning to just not talk the talk, but also walk like I talk it. When you keep your promises, people respect you and your values and morals because you are person that stick to it. I’m a very feeling the mood person so even this practice is a true moment for myself. Not letting my lazy ass take over and do the things that will benefit me and others around me.

Think inward, look outward. This has to do with self-awareness, which for me is one of the most important thing when it comes to self-development. Look within and ask yourself what you want from the outside, what is that you want to achieve by your actions. It can be how you speak to people, how you chose to deliver an idea, how you come across in your daily life movements. It is kinda like this book I read which is called “The Power of Phrases”. How to tell your friend how you feel without making your friend feel guilty, but still understand you and get the best out of the conversation? Yes, algebra does it sounds in my brain. Especially when I first start reading the book, to think so much before you act. You know what? Think before you act is one of the biggest advice I can give at this present moment. be mindful of your thoughts. Be careful of how your actions influence others. Act with good intentions and motives and you will be admire for your authenticity.

The way you treat people. Another important point. You cannot expect so much from others if you aren’t willing to treat people with respect and kindness. Kindness is essential, firstly because you have no idea what people might go through. Act on kindness and you will see how life will reward you nicely. You will feel happier and also, why not? Why would it be bad to be kind? Be kind to your fellow humans.

Living in the moment. This one goes to myself. I have always said that I want to avoid my phone, live in the moment, capture picture with my memory only and enjoy the present. Enjoy the time that is now. Put the phone down, have a nice chat with a friend and don’t even mind if the phone is having it’s vibrating party with itself. Just be. I really trying my hardest to be away from any gadgets and be more in the now. Listen more carefully without my phone being the center of my live. Being a good listener is such a good quality to have.

Be open-minded. You should have your morals, principles, and values no doubt about that. But being open minded opens a lot of opportunities, and this one goes to myself again. I have shut down many opportunities, big ones for no reason more than being scared. I’m very scared as a person, I suffer from this horrible disease called “FEARISM”. Lol, no but I’m trying to build more trust within myself, trust to others, acceptance for myself and others. Building trust for yourself also to not have so many expectations, just trust the process.

I would like to say that I’m authentic, but am I? I try to stick to all my commitments, even it the commitments can seem a little bit too complicated or long. I just do it nowadays, because I show respect to myself. We talk a lot about self-care, but respecting your time is self-care if not self-love. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t deserve it, on things that leads to nowhere. Just focus on you, and focus on being a good true person. Don’t do things half hearten, it can sometimes be waste of time for yourself.

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