Red African

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Spending time with like-minded people is like massage for the brain. Kelly and I know each other via our boyfriends, and I have got very close to both Kelly and Alexis. They are sisters and we all live in the same are, another plus.

Anyhow last week we visited Brixton, did some Hot Yoga at Fierce Grace. My first time trying their studio. It was pretty crowded, at some point I had peoples feet on my face. Nice. Although, some of the poses worked really good with my stiff hips. I stretch my hips daily because they are SOOO tight.
After yoga which was so needed that day, we went to Eat Of Eden which is one of my fav vegan places in London to eat in. I always order an Eden Plate and take the rest home because you get SO much food.

I had a nice Sorell tea after my Yoga and before my lunch.
This food is EVERYTHING!

So a few things we bought while strolling around are: Bladderwrack and Irish Sea moss.
These two things are sooo beneficial for you, all year round. I will come back to them two and explain why. But meanwhile do your research! Incredible things with them two, specially combined.

Another highlight was our oil perfumes we bought on the streets in Brixton. I have been looking for alcohol free and oil scents in order to prevent getting so much toxins. And yes we found so many, but I went for Red African and Tobacco Vanilla. Gosh, the mixture is perfect but the Red African itself is just GODDESS.

The good thing about these oil perfumes is that, you can find them cheap in Brixton. They have a very pleasant smell comparing to normal perfumes. He has small bottles in 3ml, 5ml and 7ml. I took 3ml and I use it EVERYDAY.

I think I’m gonna purchase a few more of these, they are not expensive at all. The guy selling them has a stand in Brixton and have various smells as well, you can get anything. For the price, babe I’m going all in with these. Smelling good got just cheaper and better.

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