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January is about to end soon and I cannot wait for the winter to be GONE. Anyhow, I need to do some more planning for my months this year, I’m in need of structure or more structure. Well, what I mean is structure with my social life and the things I like to do.

For February I have new goals when it comes to training, deal with my time better, remove certain things from my daily life and create more balance in my daily life. Shall we start with my training goals?
January was quite decent or still is, I have been active or visiting the gym and yoga in total 4 times this week.

Yoga – twice a week, Bikram def included.
Gym – 3 times a week and that should be it.
New activity – I have had the pleasure to have gym for free as an Ambassador for MoveGB. So I’m in between start swimming once a week or every other week and include bouldering.

My goal is to never get bored of training, I love exercising so much and not only one specific sport but different ones. I want to keep active and young. So let’s see how that goes. Today I’m doing Red Yoga and I cannot wait. I have pulled a muscle, my glutes muscle and it hurts so badly BUT I’m a bad-ass so it doesn’t matter. Yoga is calling.

Ps. Craig and I are running the marathon in May, so yes we will change a lot. Running will be added to our life now.

I don’t have many points to add on this but I’m definitely cutting these:
Sugar – I normally don’t have a sweet-tooth, I store chocolate and forget about it. But lately I have had this cravings for dried strawberries, everything sweet. Yesterday I took a spoon and ate from the jam jar. I mean, fatty! So sugar is something that has to leave my system, it wont be too hard.
Dairy – Ahh I love CHEESE, I’m just this fat person inside my brain. So I’m cutting off all the unnecessary foods.
Gluten – I have been lazy for time now and it’s time for me to go back to normal glutenfree Maria.
Alcohol – I have created a habit of drinking red one more than once a week. Chill Maria. So it needs to leave my territory.

This is for February and I hope to see changes in my living patterns. I just want you to know that even the most passionate person about health can cheat. That is called laziness, lack of respect for yourself sometimes and that can be related to a messy situation in life, overthinking, dealing with things that aren’t your business, putting others first and list can go.
Putting up some goals every month or when you feel that you need to rethink, plan again, just make up a plan and stick to it.

Self Care:
Self-care means so much to me, self care is needed everywhere. To respect yourself is self-care, to be careful when you are out is self-care but this time I will put some goals for self-care in order to balance my moods.

Meditation – Every day, evenings.
Mornings stretches – Everyday – 5 minutes. I will try to wake up earlier and spend 5 minutes instead of 1.
Evening stretches – I do this EVERYDAY, I never go to bed without stretching.
Evening yoga – I stretch more but I’m definitely gonna expand the stretches and do more yoga at home. I do but they are very short short session. Longer ones yes, more focus and more breathing.
Affirmations – I need to create a few and start my day with affirmations and meditation.
Facial massage – I do all the time but not in the way I wish I did it. 10 minutes facial massage at least once a week instead of quick ones.
Hair mask – This is something I don’t do often, but I have too more now.
Face mask – Gonna include this to my Sunday’s.
Evening walks – I’m gonna try to exercise in the morning in order to get back home on time and talk a walk without rushing back home.

These are the things I want to improve in my life for now, I also have certain things that I need to change a bit. Things about my daily life, how I respond, how I react in situation, yes I do like improvement in order to create a better life. I’m not doing this for other people to like me or for people to see me with nicer eyes. No! I’m doing this for myself and also when I become a better person, I’m not interested in dealing with people from the past, or go back to normal with people who maybe haven’t change at all. So, I just change things for my own sake. For my well-being I believe is going to rewards whatever I do in life. A great positive, realistic and responsible approach in life is good.

Ps. Something that I need to do for myself is to stop getting annoyed with people who have been unfair to me. I honestly feel like throwing chairs at them so they create a bit of self-awareness and respect. They judge you so hard when you do something bad or maybe have a negative period or whatever. I’m that person that allows you to deal with your shit and let you moan because I THINK IT IS NEEDED and we shouldn’t take that away from each other. We need to moan with moderation, we need to talk about our feelings and what is bothering you. I have sat down with people who have been ridiculously negative, I mean talked horrible about anything, said this and that, blamed other people for their lives and yeah so much shit and I just think in my head: Wow, it must be hard. Shit of course talk to me. No need to apologize. And then it is my turn, bloooody hell I have been cussed to the point that I’m just like. Did I get fooled and tricked to believe this person was honest? Am I that bad? You know when you just think WOW!
It is so sad how certain people can excuse their behavior because of the circumstances but refuses to see your side of the story for what it is, frustration, need of someone to be there maybe, need to let go of anger etc. I know I have been moaning about a secret situation but it did hurt me soooo hard. After all, I do trust people and I believe the best of them. So yes, it did hurt me the whole situation to trust someone because I was in need, I was hurt, I was feeling like didn’t know what to do. And you rely on someone and that person refuses to see for what it is, and instead create this stigma of you that you are a horrible person and doing the same thing as you do: moan. Oh but that is a different story.

And what I learned about that, is that people LACK self-awareness to the highest degree. People are sooooo into judging other people, that they forget themselves. People are so used to blame others for their misery that they forget to deal with the misery.
People want to be understood but have no plans on understanding you. People would hate if you interpret what they say, but are so quick to judge you or assume what you are gonna say.
People have forgotten who they are, that pointing fingers and telling others what to do is better and easier and less painful.

I say to myself, I will try not to judge what I don’t know on a deep level. When we know someone from a deep level, we understand them instead. We create compassion, which should be created from the moment you meet someone because we have no idea what is going on, we don’t hear all the issues people have. I will just say to all of you people, don’t be too naive. Not everyone wants your best regardless the position they have in your life. I’m hurt ofc, that is why I keep on feeling very like: REALLY?

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