Girls Night Out | The Curtain

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On Saturday I went out with my girls to The Curtain
Rita, Kelly and I started at Kelly’s for a quick catch up before going out, took an Uber and GOD so comfortable. I don’t mind taking an Uber back and forth, I don’t go out often. Although, I do take Uber very often just because I’m so lazy. Is it raining? Uber. Is it cold? Uber. Uber-freak.

Anyhow, we had a table that we all contributed to. That was actually nice, to have our own space. I think I’m gonna go for table more often to be honest, it is not that expensive.

Anyhow, we did not take many pictures because we were busy dancing.

Girl gang. Rita, Kelly and Me. By the time we got back home, we went straight to Kelly’s and chill there for a bit. Guess what? Our lovely boyfriends were there waiting for us. Dominance lol.
Rita and I xx
Elevator selfie.
And I met my friend Noelle there as well. xx
I was wearing a pair of Dr Denim jeans, top from PrettyLittleThing, boots from Topshop and an old jeans jacket. I want to have something added to my naked outfit.
Early on the day I had my eyelash extension appointment in Oval, so I was up 7am but look how pretty they look my lashes. I did a hybrid eye lashes, so a bit more volume than normal. I have size 10-11, I don’t like too long and just like my natural length.

I did have fun with my girls and I definitely doing this to a more of once a month thing. It is so needed to go out with your girls and have a good time. Back in the days, I used to be that person that always fixed everyone in to the club. People still talking about those times, I could have had 10 girls with me to the good clubs and everyone got in for free. Oh and then I had those friends who EXPECTED to never pay and always have a spot to get in? Really. So many times I used to get cussed because one needed to pay of 10? You would think people would thank you and be a little bit more appreciating. I save some people £20 each time we went out, how many times did we go out? Every weekend, both Friday and Saturday. I guess that is life, I don’t care about being praised because I did get people in but at least SHUT your mouth and stop overreacting for something your should have been prepared to paid before you left your house hahaha.

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