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Having expectations can kill some much. It is so easily happened though, lets say when you meet someone and you start daydreaming. Day dreaming can create certain wants, we want things to be our way and we want to be in control. Reality is that, no it wont be the way we expect things to be. And why always be in control of things? I mean, control money but you can’t control feelings or how life is suppose to be. Because life depends on how we react and deal with situations in life. Let go of the need of having control, just hope for the best, pray for the best, live today.

Having the right people around you is what I call freedom. Boundaries are good, and the right people will understand that we need boundaries in order to function in this world. Without boundaries we are more or less just empty. Have boundaries because otherwise people will step on you and expect you to always take it.

People are different in the way they approach you, love you, care for you and speak to you. Not everyone likes to be the extra caring person even though they love with all their heart. Asking for what you need is definitely not overreacting, but make sure you are honest about the things you ask for. I can sometimes be too extra and start asking for things that really do not matter, I mean it wont make my life nicer with certain things. What I’m trying to say is that, sometimes people do other things you do not ask for and that can be their way of letting you know how much their care about you. Sometimes you do find those people who do everything you ask for, sometimes you dont. Reality is that we should take the good things people give us, we shouldn’t expect anything and we should know that people show love in different ways.

Nothing negative with keeping your distance. Sometimes it is more needed than you think. I even need to keep family members on a distance because it can be draining. Just because you are family with people it doesn’t mean that you have to put up with their mess. I’m very protective when it comes to my energy, even though before I have been really bad to myself and sat down with people who are negative that they can’t see it at all. You sit there and think really? Like really? I have done the mistake to be a nice person and allow people to be then, truth is there is people who moan but still see the light and admit their faults and that is healthy but then you have people who not only drain you but are just blaming the world for their miserable state of mind. So, sometimes loving people can be done from a distance. I do believe that keeping yourself away from people and things that don’t longer serve you any good is beneficial for both parties, when I’m drained and exhausted you wont get the best of me. Keeping distance is good when it’s needed.

This is something that is SOOO true. All of the three statements. I can be like that many times, but still I’m trying to create self-awareness. I have dealt with people who until this day surprises me. One typical example of MY LIFE is: having people judging me for certain things I do or how I carry myself and then… you see them doing the same shit I was cussed for? And when it comes to them, different story? It is just not logical, and in my opinion it’s ignorant. To be honest and very honest, I don’t respect those people who choose to judge you from top to toe. Speak like they are some sort of royals, but are behaving exactly the same way they “hate” you for. I don’t respect those people and you know what? I feel sorry for them. It is sad, and I want you good people to understand that EVERYONE projects their shit because it is too much for them. So, do me a favor and don’t even pay attention to people’s judgement or shit opinions. Reason why, because when we judge we speak about ourselves. We criticize people when they do things, because we want to do them or because we hope we didn’t do the things we do. It is simple, we judge because it feels better for our ego.

And to something a little bit more gentle. Everyone wants to be loved and everyone wants to be needed. If you love someone let them know, let them know you care. A tiny caring message can bright up the day in someone life.

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