Scrambled eggs | Rasta style

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There is not a secret that I’m sold and overly sold to Jamaica. My dream is to live there and eat nice healthy food and forget about the cold. I love anything that has to do with Jamaica. Jaaaamaaaaaicaaaaaaa!
I will get married in Jamaica lol.

Anyhow so Craig and I are….. getting…. better when it comes to our food intake. I have made a plan to eat more than I have done lately in order to gain weight. Every evening while doing our dinner we have start preparing our breakfast for the next day. I like HOT food in the morning and really don’t mind eating my lunch at 10am. I’m like that, I grow up eating boiled green banana and eggs for breakfast every morning 6am before school. Everyday!

Jamaican Scrambled eggs are just the NEW thing, for me at least for me.

1 Spring onion
One half red pepper
1 organic tomato
3 organic eggs
Coconut oil
Black lava salt
Chili flakes

I first start with washing the veggies, I peel the tomato (peeling helps it to digestive better) and cut it with the rest of the veggies into small pieces. I start frying the spring onion and pepper first adding: black lava salt, pepper and cayenne. Let it stir fry in a lower temperature, add the tomatoes and taste the mixture. Let it fry a bit more and add a bit of water and mix it.
Let it cook for a bit, so all the flavors merge into a whole new taste. Taste it, so it is not too spicy or too salty.
Once the veggie mixture looks a bit ready, add the eggs and mix it to scrambled eggs. Do not let it get too dry but not too soggy.

You can see here how I have peeled the tomato. And how I have cut the veggies.
First to fry are the spring onions and pepper.
All the flavors are making a nice taste by doing this way. Let it settle.
And this is not too moist or too dry. Perfect.
How I ate it today. The avocado was perfect ripe today and very very tasty so everything went down well. I also had a yogurt with this. Fat-mans-brain.

Serves with:
Avocado and mushrooms on the side. This is great dish to add to brunches or smaller dishes you would like to invite your friends for. This is my own recipe that I created after watching a program about Jamaica. The black lava salt is the unique ingredient I have added to it. It tastes a little bit more meaty and it’s delicious to add to your food.

I would be massively appreciated if you let me know if you tried it or not, if you thinking just tag me and let me know if you want me to post more about food.

1 comments on “Scrambled eggs | Rasta style”

  1. Hi Maria
    Thanks for sharing .I found you guys cause of Ras Mokka the Jamaican Chef….
    Gonna try Jerked Chicken next but hard to find Pimento wood in L.A.
    Dave Doyle
    Los Angeles


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