Stockholm | Winterland

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On Thursday after work I left London and landed in Stockholm, my cousin from Spain came at the same time so we met up at the airport. It was good to have her here because if I felt a bit agitated, I could just talk to her. Sweden has a funny way of making me feel fed up, usually the middle days then it all goes back top: Im gonna miss this. Anyhow, it was good to be here and I managed to see my best friend and her kids but not more friends. To be honest, it has been cold and the weather isn’t my favourite. Minus 13 was it at one point on my way home yesterday from Sodermalm. It was like cutting my fingers off even though I was wearing north pole gear.

I’m going to London tomorrow, gonna try to get as much as sleep as possible before heading back. Today waved good bye to my cousin flying back to Barcelona. The trains have been ridiculous, delayed and cancelled. Delayes due to weather conditions? I’m like it always snows here? It is the same in England, I’m like it always rains here haha.
Anyhow after landing home, I ate more chocolate goey cake. I think I have over consumed dairy, gluten, animal products. Sorry!

Oh, and EspressoBar had the best cinnamon bun. I mean, THE BEST! Gonna bring a few with me. Shouldn’t even continue to eat this type of foods but I can’t say no right now.

Stockholm is beautiful, and I’m sad that I don’t feel peace here or happiness. It is really sad, like I don’t feel at home even though it was my home for so many years. I guess it might be the way I just feel about it, definitely something I need to heal from. Deal with it and go in deep in my soul to understand what energy here is triggering the feeling of feeling odd?

Gonna watch some more yoga series from the Himalayas. Yes, I’m feeling my yoga. This evening I have been trying to get my mum to try three simple asanas in order to release a bit of stress. Guide her through like the teachers have showed me. I do enjoy yoga and I will continue with it and hopefully I will be teaching YOU.

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