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There is so much I have been wanting to do, and money has been my biggest excuse. I started my degree (expensive as fxxx) and I thought I will continue but I waited to long so I needed to pay an additional fee in order to continue and yeah it all felt really hard. I wasn’t keen on paying the huge amount of money again, I contacted the school and went through the whole process again. I said to myself, now or never. It is a hard decision to make, especially for me as I’m always indecisive. Like indecisive is my bloody title.
Anyhow, the last couple of weeks I have been hard to my self. I need to make a decision now and stick to it. I did it, I changed school and I will still be a practitioner after I finish all the modules. I will still be able to treat people and yes BE A BLOODY NUTRITIONIST! I can’t wait.

What is it that I’m going to study exactly?
(I have added more things to my career path. I only focused on the general Nutrition but now I have added more and they will be LOONG months of studying but I will do it)
– Clinical Nutrition – This is a long heavy course but I have already more or less done it before so hopefully it will be easy. It is about the relationship between you and food.
Advanced Nutrition – This another heavy one, but deep deep knowledge about what chemicals affect the body. Diseases.
Child & Adolescent Nutrition – I will be learning anything about “diets” for newborns to 19 year old young people. Everything about nutrition but for each specific age.
Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition – Another important one. The transition between eating meat and stop eating meat. Step by step, I will learn a lot.
Nutrition For Age 50+ – This is something that I want to have because I can help myself later on and my parents.
Sport & Exercise Nutrition -What type of foods to consume prior exercise, and after to avoid unnecessary stress to the body. And much more.

Ahh I cannot wait to start. I just want to finish the first two, in order to gain Professional Qualification and then continue with the additional ones. This will be a long year but a good one. Happy to have finally made a clear decision, and happy to have found a school that suits me. I will share the school once I finish and let you know how it all went for me.

Your soon to be Nutritionist.

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