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The reason why I created this blog was for everyone to have a look every now and then, have a little bit of inspo, move on and feel supported. I enjoy talking about how we can become better people and what we can do to achieve our goals. I have my own experiences and I’m happy to share a few of them, if you have followed me for a while you will know that I have always being pulled to the wellness area. Wellness in every aspect.

I want to work with nutrition as you know, also I want to become a yoga teacher but I also want to empower my people. Females are the group of people I related to the most, I also see ourselves as very much pushed down in this society, therefore I wanted to create a website, a place and a community where we can share our thoughts. Where we can be us, where we can go to Afrolatinalist and get back to our best selves.

I needed honesty around social media, I needed to see more of what LIFE actually is without pretending. Happiness and motivation isn’t all about quotes only and happy faces. It is about accepting life and still move forward, it is about having a real life but still not be a bitter person. Create more mindfulness around the social media.

I have now created a new instagram, a new facebook page and this blog obviously and I have an email. All connected to each other. This will be my little project or more so my baby to interact and help others with what I can.

I will share more about it once it is all more or less clear. More subtle and more content.

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