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I have done sooo many “butters” before this one took the first honor place or do we say that? Anyhow, creams is anything that I have time to do but when why not. I’m always been into natural foods, products and everything and I did say early this year that I was trying to be more minimalist. Have I kept my promise? Halfway through…

I guess you all want the recipe? And btw thank you people for reading my blog even though I have been awful with my updates. I have not found the motivation fully yet and I have some things that need to fall into place before I take the next move.

So Recipe yeah? There are no exact amount, just go with the flow.

organic shea butter
organic coconut oil
vitamin E oil (obs. just a few drops)
orange blossom water
vanilla essential oil
lavender essential oil

That was it.
I cleaned one sauce pan and dried it properly. Added Shea butter and coconut oil together with lavender oil and vanilla oil. I let the mixture cool down for a bit, added some drops of vitamin e oil and ended by adding the orange blossom water.
I actually didn’t do anything with it until the next day, yesterday. I mixed it in my smoothie blender. Added a bit more orange blossom water, because I think the Shea butter takes over quite a lot. I used around 50grams Shea butter or maybe less.

The texture of this butter is PERFECT and I’m actually very happy to continue to save money with this new method. To be completely honest, I don’t have the patience or time to spend.

But enjoy and let me know if you tried to make it. Or if you have other recipes I can borrow and make my life a bit cheaper.

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