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Beauties, hello.

I have been off my blog for a good time, I thought I wanted to continue but instagram has been a quicker way to express whatever is on my mind. I will blog more hopefully, truth is that I don’t do much social and I cannot be asked to explain and tell you all about life. There is so much going on in my life, mostly mentally. At the moment I’m healing through old patterns, old memories, old feelings, and just healing like yeah I have done since I moved to London. I have been on a healing journey all my London life, it never stops. Each year it is something new to adapt yourself after, every moment of our lives things are changing. My best advise, is to be open to whatever is happening around you but don’t let it demand you. Make smart choices because you and your beloved surrounding takes good genuine benefit from it. I have always said: my goal is to be the best of the best of myself. Why? Because I want to raise amazing children, I want them to be independent, I want them to see me as a role model and I want to be open enough to take modern advise from my children. Give them flexibility and trust that they can also teach me. Yes, so I’m far away somewhere and already deep thinking in different levels. Meanwhile people are here thinking love yourself, I’m like, love yourself so you can raise amazing children, and after they can amazing families and my hard work with myself pays off. Well, more or less that sums up everything we all are doing lately.

I was a lot on explaining and telling how I felt, specially last year. I have been off, even on phones or instagram (comparing to otherwise) and that has been because at times I don’t want to deal with anyone. Not even my phone. At times I haven’t known what I feel, like is this normal or why am I like this? All my personal attributes just felt like ————. Meaning nothing.

Anyhow, I don’t have much to tell you. Apart from that life is good, I should be thankful. I’m thankful.

Today, I’m home very sick with chest infection by now I swear. My chest HURTs soooo much when I cough, another level of pain. Anyhow. Gonna spring clean, get some stuff ready. RECYCLE is one of the things I have had on my list to do since early April. I need to restock certain superfood to my glass jars. Gonna possibly make a home made coconut yogurt, but I also know that I wont have the desire later. I have been spring cleaning already but I don’t want to get rid of a lot but like I said when the year started MINIMALIST.

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